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... Havent written in this for awhile. So last Saturday I went home for my Dad and Grandma's bday. Not on the same day, but we like to combine them so we only have to meet up once. I felt like crap when my aunt asked me when i was gonna get a job and get a car, after my brother showed her his new mazda miata. Its not like he worked for that thing, he almost died and then sued the people responsible for all they were worth. What she should have asked me was "Erik, when will you have a near death experience and hit the big time." The typical American value of something for nothing.

So while i should have been studying for finals on sunday, i watched TV instead. Finals sucked. After getting back from Marlenes room at 3am i discover that a friend from HS that goes to UCR has IM'ed me with a problem. He took CS05 thinking that naturally, it would be easier than CS08. Wrong. CS08 = internet, word processing, and ASLoA (a shit load of acronyms). CS05, on the other hand, is basic programming concepts, through the use of visual basic. To get back to the point, my friend had 3 assignments and 2 labs that he hadnt done b/c his mom got cancer. How can u turn a guy down when his mom has cancer? So he carted my ass over to his room, and somehow we managed to get done all 3 assignments and 1 of the labs. I would have done more, but then he had to cart my ass back to A&I so i could get changed, eat a quick breakfast, and hustle to my ass to an 8am final in the UV. I end up being late, using ALL of the time to write my essay, then after that i had a 30 min break before my next final. Lets just say that he owes me BIG.

After those finals I had Math on Tuesday which i freakin BOMBED. After feeling like I needed to punch something, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I completely planned out a trip to UCI via public transportation. Go me. Then I set my alarm for PM instead of AM. Go me. It all worked out for the best b/c Daniel (friend i was going to visit at uci, among others) had a stomach flu or something.

Then came Friday, my CS final. Came in late, finished within an hour, and left over half the class in my dust. Pwned. :-1 Too bad all the jobs are going to India, because I think i have real potential in programming. Then again it IS Riverside, but then AGAIN Riverside's programming group outperforms UCI's at competitions regularly. After getting a hold of Visual within 3 hrs, and acing my CS final, im starting to feel really good about my abilities with computers.

Along those lines, im formatting my backup computer here at home, and installing Slackware, the next distribution I decided to delve into. I think im also going to make a home page while im on spring break. Check here to see if i have actually done it. Normally i'd make a purty page in flash, but i've decided to take the non M$ wInDoze! route, the path less traveled.

From time to time, my posts will have comments enabled, because aside from the voices inside my head, it can get kind of lonesome ... so HOLLA BACK YO!

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