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Journal Journal: old posts

12 Voice recognition bit gets +5 funny and 3 people telling me it was awesome, so call it a +8. Yet 13 and 14 were funny too IMO and got nothing...

15 Someone invents "doomcasting".

16 Effect of detailed viewer interest statistics

17 Shit, I made the same joke as Zonk :( (see dept. line)

18 Complaining about Psychonauts having a crap demo. Maybe it's good, it does have a decent gamerankings score.

19 Rant about PCs having controller support

20 Be careful when assassinating congressmen

21 Windows Live apparently a lot less cross-platform online than standard Win 9X games (which should run on anything up to Vista, plus WINE if you're lucky)

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Journal Journal: old posts


Side note: 40 hours per month (conservative for an MMO, probably) at 1 kill per minute = 2400 kills per player. 2.4 million monsters? Still, you only (ha) need a few thousand active at any one time.
Anyway, if I end up unemployed I can prototype this as a Sam 2 or UT2004 mod... if I can be bothered to learn the tools.

2 Advergaming

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Journal Journal: old posts

9 - Funny by my standards. It's really true, too.

10 - Gaming market is crowded, 10 systems!

11 - Dual analogs for PSP is not insane.

233 comments and 11 worth saving. I should filter myself.

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Journal Journal: old posts

3 Why MS shouldn't make consoles

4 Eternal Darkness

5 I forgot Age of Empires DS.
It turns out MS will be doing a mobile platform with some gaming elements (Zune), maybe this is just to get handheld experience.

6 Spam for privacy

7 Episodic gaming in a world where people don't often bother to complete games.
Probably a bit harsh. We'll see.

8 Analysts vs reality

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Journal Journal: Filtering

It's much better. I could almost believe some people are hired by the editors to write controvertial gibberish.

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Journal Journal: Dear Foes

Just an experiment to see how much I like slashdot without the people who post in every story and the pseudo-technical bullshitters. Don't take it personally, this isn't my main account.

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Journal Journal: Troll submissions

Troll submissions.

This is pretty funny, in a why-yes-I-am-tweleve way. And it implies the editors DO pay at least a little bit of attention...

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