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Journal Journal: Wikipedia is run by fucking bastards

The notabillity system is shit! I've had it up to here. Wikipedia can fuck itself! I am through with the internet! I am never using Wikipedia again after its notability nazis raped my childhood yesterday!

It dosen't even deserve to be vandalized anymore!


Journal Journal: Trolls never die

Its been four years since I last wrote in my "Journal". Yes I am a troll, I don't mind posting at -1. Slashdot is not as good as its used to be. Even Linux has eventually given up on the Desktop. Linux had a good chance in 2002-2004, but Gnome messed up with the file management and KDE imploded with overload. Microsoft is won by many factors, such as multi-billion dollar marketing and support not just pre-installation. To all 16 year old nerds reading this, don't waste your life on thinking Linux will be on the desktop beacuse Microsoft has spend billions on making it NOT! So just learn microsoft and get a good job.

Apple will always have its zealots. Despite the iPhone not having many features such as video recording (even cheap phone have this now) the "i" makes it worthy of the nerd hoards.

The world needs fat nerds with no lifes to define what is "normal". Wikipedia is the new place for trolls. Early trolls were just vandals, but vandals are quickly elimatated. Wikipedia is starting to vandalize itself. Almost every fucking article has [citation needed] tags or "this article needs cleanup to meet 'Quality Standards'". Wikipedia will probably not die off completley, but will eventally shrivel to a shell of mediocrity by deletionist scumbags.

I admit I created the vandal personality known as "Willy on Wheels". Willy in the early days was a great success, but Willyproofing as been done.

So here's your lesson for today kids.

Don't use Linux
Don't use Wikipedia
Don't eat at McDonalds.


Journal Journal: Installing Debian GNU/Linuix on the Apple II 3

Some people thought it was impossible, but I did it, I installed Linux on the Apple II. How? First of all, I needed a x86 emulator that ran on the Apple II, so I decided to port the Amiga emultor AST86 to the processor. I soldered around 2Mbs of memory onto a blank cirtuirt board and plugged it in a ISA slot on the Apple ]['s motherboard. Then using a tape player I recorded a 5 minute tape which had the AST86 emulator on it.I then played it through the Turbo loader register on the Motherboard. After taking 2 minutes to load I got to the AST86 menu, where I attatched a 40Gb disk using a 5.25" floppy disk shapped dongle that had a IDE controller on it. The Hard disk had a version of Debian Installed. I attached a VGA Graphics card into another ISA slot with a USB port on another. Then I selected the Debian image from the boot menu. It was then they moment of truth, the LILO screen came up, and loaded kernel 2.4.23 from the disk, and after five minutes it was starting at my KDE desktop that was running on the Apple II! From the /proc/cpuinfo

Processor : MOS 65C02 1.0 Mhz (AST86 Emulating 386-SX)

Doing a uname -a does shows this
Linux apple2box 2.4.23-ast86 #1 SMP Fr OCT 31 17:55:45 CEST 2003 65C02 GNU/Linux

And, I am even typing this right now from my Apple II box. Its so cool I could cry. Has anyone else managed to do this incredible feet of geekdom?

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