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Comment Re:Kill!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 855

Or you could just put the screenshots in a .zip file or something... And that would be handier and easier how exactly? How do the screenshots become individual files without pasting them into something first, such as Paint? That method sucks if you have several to collect. Open Word. Flip to what you need to snap. Hit Alt-PrintScreen. Flip to Word. Paste. Repeat as necessary. Save. You're not going to beat that with Paint, saving each individual shot into a specially prepared folder somewhere, then zipping that up. Work smarter not harder. What I really don't understand is how that classifies someone as an idiot.

Comment Re:Prior Art? (Score 1) 261

I have distinct memories of the places I have been in in MUDs, and my memories show them most definitely in 3D. Sure, my brain had to do the rendering from the text descriptions of the rooms, but this was an automatic process, exactly like when you read a book. I was immersed in a world as vibrant and real as my imagination could make it. Superior in many ways to actual graphical displays that shortcut the imagination, leaving you stuck with exactly whatever the designers were able to come up with and no personal embellishment at all.

Comment Re:In reality, people move things (Score 2, Insightful) 583

Most notebook optical drives I've ever seen have a friction-lock spindle that you have to "snap" the disc onto or off of. I would expect you could turn the notebook right upside down while a disc is spinning and not scratch it. But again, as already noted, they are designed to be portable. An XBox 360 on the other hand, is not. I have no idea why anyone would move it around while in use - I mean, the TV isn't coming along with it, why would you suddenly have the need to move the console while in use? There are always little one-off situations I suppose, but that's hardly the manufacturer's concern. This story is instead about how the thing is poorly engineered so that a normally-spinning disc is able to wobble in some way that allows it to get scratched regardless of what the user does with it, so a lawsuit seems to have merit.

Submission + - Wanted: 160 Missing FBI Laptops

An anonymous reader writes: The FBI had at least 160 laptops lost or stolen over the past four years, including 10 that contained highly sensitive classified information and at least one that held "personal identifying information" on FBI personnel, according to a report released today by a Justice Department oversight arm. The report found that 51 of the laptops reported lost or stolen may have contained classified data, but that FBI didn't have enough information to say conclusively. The Washington Post notes that only one of the cases documented in the report indicated that the data contained on the lost laptop was protected with encryption technology.

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