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Comment Re:And once it's connected to US military networks (Score 3, Interesting) 400

To the mods:

I don't think I intended this to be funny. It was a few hours ago, so I admit my perspective may be skewed, but I think I was highlighting the fact that "unhackable" had the same veracity as "unsinkable" w.r.t. the Titanic. It's only a matter of time before someone figures out how to take control with a hack.

Comment Good fat, bad fat, I'm the guy with the gun (Score 1) 233

Am I the only one who thinks animals evolved with "bad fat" for a reason, other than clogging your cardiovascular system?

Perhaps this "bad fat" isn't so bad? Remember when eggs were really bad for you, because they contained cholesterol, and now they're really good for you, because they contain good cholesterol?

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