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Comment Re:And those expensive E-books... (Score 0) 129

eBooks are 100% about convenience, and 0% about price

For you maybe. I like my ebook because it is convenient, and when I bought it, ebooks were cheaper. Then Apple decided to screw the customers over.
I've already payed several hundred dollars for the convenience when I purchased my reader. I don't also need to pay that for each book
don't forgot you also loss the convenience of reselling your book

Comment Re:And those expensive E-books... (Score 0) 129

I don't think that eBooks really should cost much less than print book.

I guess it depends on your definition of "less"
I can get mass market paperbacks from B&N for 10% off the cover price. So I refuse to pay more than 10% off the cover price for an ebook. Yet ebooks are routinely equal to or more than the mass market paperback. Thanks to Apple
The big winners (from me at least) in this fiasco were independent authors. As that is pretty much all I read right now.

Comment Re:It Has Its Ups and Downs (Score 1) 179

Who in their right mind would want every company/web site to know all of the intimate details of what they're doing on every other web site?

Most people would not want that.
But most people don't care. First of all most people don't even know, or consider what is actually happened. Secondly it is convenient for most people. And thats pretty much why it will continue.

Comment Re:I Got It! (Score 1) 538

I understand that disk drives are VERY expensive, and they can only store 8-12 characters.
But I don't understand the excuse for NOT allowing non alphanumeric characters. Sure maybe they are afraid of SQL injection, but why not accept things like, oh say a period.
Makes me wonder how poor the rest of their code is

Comment Re:Enjoy his last minutes of freedom!!! (Score 1) 183

I think the best thing a kid can do, before going to college, is be a kid. Let him enjoy the summer, it might be his last chance to have a few months with almost no responsibilities. Spending some time over the summer picking up some skills may make his first semester easier. But it won't make him more money when he graduates.
Let him go have fun.

Comment Re:Python (Score 1) 183

I'm sorry, I must disagree completely. You shouldn't leave it to the school you're attending to figure out which language is best for you,

If you are trying to get a head start on your schooling, and maybe making your first semester in school easier, you should absolutely leave it to the school you are attending. He'll have 4 more years to learn other languages, if the school isn't teaching the "right" languages.

Comment Re:Another Kickstarter failure (Score 1) 160

There are millions of businesses that have been successfully started without begging for money.

VERY few business have successfully started without begging for money.

But, to be clear, I enjoy seeing these people fail because they generally give little to no consideration towards actually creating a viable business.

The point behind kickstarter isn't necessarily to start a business. It is to crowd fund a project. You know the kind, "Hey if we get 10 people to go in together, we can get this done." I'm not saying people aren't using it to start a business, but I would claim that most aren't.

Comment Re:Captain Obvious strikes again (Score 1) 160

I agree that women should have the freedom to use their appearance and sexuality how they please, and I wouldn't go up to a model and tell her she's doing something wrong. However, I still think it's fair to call for the tech industry to stop hiring models to advertise their products

Why? Who can advertise the product then? Only users? Only people who created the products? Dogs? Or maybe a pet sock?
Do you know what models do? Their main job? THEY ADVERTISE PRODUCTS. Some of those products are for the tech industry, some of those products are for other industries.

Comment Re:Captain Obvious strikes again (Score 1) 160

You want to talk about "freedom" fine, lets remove the requirement that they collect a paycheck, and see how many of them would freely choose to spend their days as booth babes.

Probably more than you think. While they may not choose "booth babes," it isn't for the reason you would think. Booth babes is a long boring job, standing on your feet all day. Many girls probably wouldn't choose to do that, but would still choose to do something similar, for a shorter amount of time. Some girls like to show off their body.

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