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Submission + - is your style of dating on demand ? (datingindemand.com)

donavan writes: "If you haven't checked out the new book dating in demand you must ! Guys it will change your life ! This will teach you how to get more tail in less time, and ways to be a player with out getting played and scammed by wannabe women players. Overall a awesome book indeed !"

Submission + - IronKey -- Clipper Chip revisited? (blogspot.com)

Father William writes: "Slashdot recently covered the IronKey — a self-destructing, hardware-encrypted USB flash drive with on-board secure Firefox, high-speed TOR network, password manager, and online encrypted backup.

Although the product seems to have a lot of advantages, some technical problems also appear to exist with the present implementation (particularly that "online encrypted backup" part), that also happen to bring to mind the Crypto Wars of the early 1990s, and perhaps the most notorious and memorable artifact of all, from that period — the Clipper Chip. So allow me to tell you a story (or several) . . . ."


Submission + - Artists created "anti-social network" proj (10zenmonkeys.com)

destinyland writes: "Three geeky artists created an experiment where people meet in public spaces and then don't communicate in any way — no conversations, no interactions, and especially no text messages. ("The NoSo Project" remains committed "to fulfilling all your needs for greater social isolation.") Billed as "a real-world platform for temporary disengagement from your social networking environment," it's actually commenting on the "over-connectivity" some people are experiencing. The artists were inspired by Brian Eno's "silent nightclub" concept, but say it's since hit a nerve with the "over-networked" population."
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - Funny "Credit Crunch Cereal" (noctaluca.com)

Control Freak writes: "Fed Makes Counter Moves! Funny enough to make you blow milk through your nose, comes this highly-processed packaging of our new Reserve fearless leader, Mr. Fed. Posted by Mark of "The Kingsland Report" via contributor cometgold.com, Credit Crunch cereal is "Fortified With Hedge Funds" and has "Sugar Coated Derivatives", and even serves up fresh squeezed consumers in a liquid market. But best of all, it has a Free Helicopter Inside* to follow the acrobatic ups and downs of the market. I wonder if you can hear the housing market bubbles bursting when you pour on the milk, or if it'll just slowly go sour. Mark Kingsland is at http://www.buttonwood1792.blogspot.com/. * The asterisk allows the Fed to bend their own rules."

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