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Comment Re:The angle. (Score 1) 439

You actually made my point.

The point was that the whole plan was to be a white box vendor from the onset. The whole hackintosh thing would be a way to get their name into people's minds.

What I am saying is that mindshare is what they were going for from the beginning. Any new vanilla box company would kill for any kind of brand recognition.

Comment The angle. (Score 1) 439

A lot of people questioned Psystar's motivation considering that dogs could tell you that Apple would sue the shit out them.

Could this whole debacle be just a publicity stunt to launch a company that ends up selling vanilla Windows systems?


Comment Porky Pig tried this once. (Score 5, Funny) 398

Porky Pig tried this once in an old Bug Bunny cartoon.

He had a mouse problem, so he bought a cat.

When Porky Pig went to bed, the cat invited all of his friends over and they got wasted played the piano loudly and sang drinking songs. One of the cats had a lampshade on his head and everything.

When Porky Pig got fed up with this, he bought a dog. How he found a place in the 50's or 60's that sold dogs in the middle of the night is anyone's guess. He let the dog loose in the house and waited.

The cats got the dog drunk and he was singing with them in about 30 seconds.

So obviously these flies are eventually going to get drunk and sing, which is pretty cool, making this plan sweet.

Operating Systems

Submission + - SPAM: HP May Offer Android In Netbooks Over Windows

narramissic writes: "ITworld reports that HP has confirmed it is testing Google's Android operating system as a possible alternative to Windows in some netbooks. HP spokeswoman Marlene Somsak said the company has assigned engineers to the task but has made no decision yet whether to offer Android in products. 'We want to assess the capability it will have for the computing and communications industry,' Somsak said. 'We remain open to considering various OS options.'"
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Comment Re:Riiight (Score 1) 685

This has been my experience also.

I recently moved from a rental house that had pretty bad internal wiring. A particular UPS was unusable as it would just light up like an xmas tree and squeal about the dirty power.

I couldn't run too many CFL's as they would burn out in under a month in -most- sockets, others lasted the whole time I was there.

I bought the house I moved into and clean power was pretty important to me. This house had a good deal of it's electrical recently rewired with a brand new 100 amp panel outside and a bunch of new wiring in. The house came decked out in CFLs and I haven't had one burn out yet. I even installed some dimmable ones and run them dimmed most of the time and they have been fine for about a year so far. There are about three that live outside and the temperature flux from the seasons or even during the day haven't affected them yet.

Just my two cents...


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