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Comment Good. (Score 1) 665

Maybe now more music will be made by people who are passionate about making music, not by people who do it for money.

I don't think any musician in history has made a living off of streaming (i.e., radio) revenue alone. The money has always been in live shows and merchandise, and possibly album sales for artists who didn't get fucked over by bad contracts.

Comment Re:What he really did deserved jail time. (Score 1) 443

Those aren't charges, those are allegations, as the indictment states. You'll want to start with "Count 1" at paragraph 34. Everything he was charged with relates to accessing JSTOR's computers without authorization, something JSTOR itself did not want to prosecute.

Where are your references?

That same PDF and basic reading skills, I guess.

Comment Re:What he really did deserved jail time. (Score 1) 443

Lets get off the "he was innocent" kick. Swartz broke into a server closet, installed his own hardware behind MIT's firewall so he could download files he was told he was not authorized.

How many of those things was he actually indicted for?

A six month jail term was reasonable for the crimes committed.

Which crimes do you think he was charged with?

I already know the answers to these questions. You apparently do not.

Comment Re:They should give people 1mo free HBO to make up (Score 1) 202

The other side of the coin is that there are plenty of people who call to complain, but don't really want the "issue" fixed, because they don't actually consider it to be all that serious of a problem. They'd rather just use it as leverage to get free shit.

Sounds like a win-win for the companies.

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