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Comment Re:the password is "password" (Score 1) 185

Version: GnuPG v2.0.15 (FreeBSD)

jA0EAgMC24EG9jM97mJgyZLBNHGeu2bnmv7hrNC6cxYUQmPHxb+/lGwvp7jicTaw 1BflYZ2U3dTm3IpL8MLrhS+X3Ijf6151e7a7J49bl1fkhs/NmjsCw4vi7VcemEaU wMxYNZ0Pv+jOeUkHENlXv6Lf7+aG9AKrYR98lNLonwR9Lv6P+e119pw+o56KaNRk a2Nntb7mawMRPD5iOgkjCGpGoA==

Comment Re:You already can! (Score 2) 550

I download the FLACs fo the Phish shows that I've seen, and others that I want to have, and burn them to CD. My friends can't believe the sound when they're over for parties and such.

Moe, Umphrey's Mcgee, String Cheese Incident, Govt Mule, and many other jam bands offer FLAC (and usually ALAC - Apple's proprietary lossless format) as well as VBR .mp3 files for download. I've downloaded Phish's show from the same night while in the parking lot waiting for traffic to clear out after the show.

Of course, jam band fans aren't your typical music consumer either... We are a crowd who actually appreciates the music itself, and isn't just looking for a simple beat to bounce around to.

Comment The jury captain speaks.... (Score 1) 530

"Your honor, The jury finds the defendant innocent, due to the fact that his password really was, 'It's actually a passphrase'. He responded to every request for the password by telling it to them - it's not his fault that they thought he was being arrogant. In reality, he was being completely cooperative.

Furthermore, we request that the city be ordered to pay a large amount of money, say the $5 million that they required he come up with, to Mr. Childs. Because they are such fucktards."

Comment Re:prior art? (Score 1) 394

Get off my lawn, but you might be thinking of GEM. Desqview X (or something) is another one from that era that comes to mind.

I remember getting a high-powered system (386DX) with DOS 3.31. Windows 3.0 and these other two shells were also included. (Along with WordStar, Quattro Pro, Paradox, etc., all running in DOS.) I wiped it all at one point and installed OS/2 Warp. I'd look the names up, but I've got to get the door. Some of the neighborhood kids are stopping by with a paper bag and what looks like a lighter...

Comment Some Red Light Cameras Ticket Legal Turns, Too (Score 4, Interesting) 353

Here in the Chicago suburbs, a red-light camera made the news recently. It is at the entrance to a large and very busy mall. In its first month of operation, over 7000 tickets were mailed out. Many of the tickets were people legally turning right on red. These people shouldn't worry, though. Here in the USA we have the right to face our accuser...oh, never mind.

In my town, they claim that the camera tickets do not count against the point system on our licenses; I don't know if that is statewide, a local ordinance, or just false. The village officials were saying anything to try and quiet the public outcry when the cameras started appearing about 6 months ago. Funny how the ticket sticks as far as paying a fine, but the rest of the official law doesn't apply. It really is all about the revenue.

As a person who detests the abuse of the laws like this, it really bothers me. As a driver, it doesn't matter as much to me - I am not one of the yellow-light hotshots. Driving fast on open roads is more my thing.

Comment Re:Open Source? Really? (Score 1) 555

That was my first thought.

Why is the definition of 'open source' so nebulous? Freeware does not mean open source.

At a company I used to work at (not a software company - a molding company), I had set up email and firewalls/gateways on Linux boxes. Nobody asked how it worked or what it was, they just knew it worked. One day, the boss told me he was a big fan of open source software. Turns out his idea of open source was pirated commercial software! I left that job shortly after that.

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