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Comment Re:"So why aren't we doing it?" (Score 2, Insightful) 990

I think you've confused your fantasy ideologues with our founders. Jefferson thought that only the elite were smart enough to vote and initially suggested excluding the rif-raf (that and the non-white and non-male folk). If your idea of democracy is "Let's reduce to the least common denominator, and if you don't like that, then let's fail", well then, indeed, the system will kill itself off. Oh, and on no time-zones: It seems a little self important to suggest that if I want a 3pm meeting then everybody can attend because it's 3pm everywhere. One time-zone means that *some* of us will need to be sleeping at 3pm.

Comment Is it Vendor Lock? (Score 1) 313

No. It's not. It's vendor proficiency. Just like it was with Microsoft. You can't fault a company for building something that a lot of poeple want (although you'd think so by reading most of the above). Where Microsoft went wrong (in the opinion of the Justice Dept,) is the coercion of OEMs to do as it said or pay the penalty of grossly increased prices. Understanding that, I honestly ask, WTF?

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