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Comment Re:Smoke and mirrors (Score 4, Interesting) 117

No, it does not cover the details of the confusing part.

Moreover, it incorrectly implies that Enterprise Services is Autonomy. The first hammer to fall in August was the write down of $8B for the acquisition of EDS --- NOT Autonomy. The November write down of $8.8B was for Autonomy.

The only thing clear here is that HP had a mess of losses associated with Enterprise Services, and that the first hint that things were really hosed was when they identified EDS as the reason for the first $8B+ write down.

Comment Re:Work Force (Score 1) 660

imo, it has nothing to do with demand. The ill organization, of which there are now many - treat IT, its services, and infrastructure as a cost center. That means that when cuts are needed, IT is the first to get singled out as a burden that nobody wants. It's only till after the damage of this kind of thinking takes place, that the least dumb among them realizes what a big mistake it was.

Treating IT as an integral part of a robust and growing organization - and salaries, satisfaction, productivity and success will be more prevalent.

Submission + - Felix did it (kob.com)

homey of my owney writes: Fearsome Felix completed his jump successfully and is on the ground celebrating!
Highest ever jump ever

Comment Re:NO !! NEVER WERE !! (Score 5, Insightful) 663

I used a linux desktop for 7 years. I dutifully updated when any improvement was made.

Linux desktops were in my experience never competitive because they require too much technical knowledge. That is an obstacle easily overcome by technical types, but *not* the majority of the user population. It just isn't sustainable to say "Here, tinker, it's cool" to everybody - or more accurately ANYbody outside of technical folks who enjoy the work necessary to update one application or another. It's why many have grown tired of Windows. It's why OSX, with its draw backs, is becoming more popular - the user population at large want an experience that doesn't require at lot of work to keep working. imho.

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