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Comment Re:More and more problems (Score 3, Interesting) 133

I find this article particularly interesting because I had the same problem and complaint.

Less than a month ago I signed up for Blockbuster Online, which I've tried before and liked. Suddenly I'm getting all this Facebook spam from blockbuster asking me to approve their request to tell the world every single movie I'm renting.

I didn't click any check box giving Blockbuster permission to access any of my Facebook information. Not only that, but I had to go to the Blockbuster website and find out HOW they got my information and how to stop it. Finding that information was not obvious. You wouldn't be able to find it by browsing the site. You have to do a search through their help section.

In the end, Blockbuster (from their online store site) told me to use the Facebook option to block their website from accessing my profile if I didn't want their spam.

I definitely see it as a violation of privacy; especially considering they didn't even ask and offered no option of their own for stopping the spam.

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