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Comment Re:Since when?... (Score 1) 320

I am no the poster from above, but I believe point #1 is not so much a reply to your post, but more a point on the case in general. As I understand the plan of attack by SCO they had to theories they wanted to argue simultaneously here:

1. That the APA did transfer the copyrights, this argument was basically that they appeared to be included in the list of included assets meanwhile completely ignoring the fact that they were explicitly excluded in the list of assets which would not be transfered.


2. That even if they were not included in the APA it didn't matter because the people involved in the deal THOUGHT they were being transfered.

IMHO point #1 was meant to be a contradiction of SCO's strategy #2 and not so much an addressing of your point.

States Seek Laws to Curb Online Bullying 251

An anonymous reader writes to tell us that many states are considering laws to help crack down on "cyberbullying". "Steven Brown, executive director of the Rhode Island branch of the American Civil Liberties Union, said it will be difficult to draft a cyberbullying law that doesn't infringe on free-speech rights. 'The fact that two teenagers say nasty things about each other is a part of growing up,' he said. 'How much authority does a school have to monitor, regulate and punish activities occurring inside a student's home?' In Arkansas, the state Senate this month passed a bill calling on school districts to set up policies to address cyberbullying only after it was amended to settle concerns about students' free-speech rights."

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