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Comment Re:From TFA: (Score 2) 190

The court said the research was independent and “unlike some others, was not co-financed by the same companies that produce mobile telephones.”

Some implies a minority. Single study < a minority < the majority. Which implies that the majority of the research "not co-financed by the same companies that produce mobile telephones" says no

Comment Re:It's all tied together (Score 2) 550

The quantity of gametes produced by and the possible reproductive frequency of each gender are grossly disproportional. As a male I am (theoretically) fertile at all times from puberty until I die and am not biologically constrained to fathering children once every nine months. Social stigmatization, morals, ethics and child support aside, I am want to spread my seed as much as possible. Women, however, are relatively constrained in their ability to reproduce and it is much more expensive for them. Not to mention it being historically dangerous for them (not from fundamentalists, but from death in childbirth).

So biologically women are generally more selective about who they mate with. However, that doesn't mean that male-dominated societies haven't attempted to tip the scales in their favour somewhat.

Comment Re:IF YOU HAND THEM OVER IT WILL TAKE THEM !! (Score 4, Insightful) 467

If you are hiding it, you SHOULDN'T have joined such a group.

Of course I haven't RTFA, but from the summary:

...a privacy loophole on Facebook—the fact that anyone can be added to a group by a friend without their approval.

So they didn't join the group; a 'friend' added them

Comment Re:Cows eat Grass (Score 1) 432

...the germs are not going to suddenlty reverse the mutation simply because you changed your diet.

However it is possible that the mutation that allows resistance to antibiotics is disadvantageous in the absence of antibiotics when competing with non-resistant strains, and so non-resistant strains would become dominant again.

Just an idea. Not agreeing with the anecdote above

Comment Re:Thanks, Australia! (Score 1) 148

Note: this is why our referendum for becoming a republic in the '90's failed, as it was basically about keeping the current system while eliminating the queen (and "her" token governor (general) representatives) as head of state. That and it was designed to fail, as the proposed changes were put forth by the then-prime minister who is/was a monarchist.

Comment Re:I find this hard to believe (Score 1) 148

My housemate is a member of PPA (I'm a member of the Greens, which also oppose this), and from what he has told me PPA hasn't even got itself around to being registered as a political party yet.

Problem is that Australia is just like Canada, the US, and the UK: in national/federal elections, most actual votes cast are *discarded*

Citation please? We have preferential voting here, not the bullshit first-past-the-post of many other countries

Comment Big Deal (Score 1) 141

Advertising Standards Bureau:

The Advertising Standards Bureau administers a national system of advertising self-regulation through the Advertising Standards Board and the Advertising Claims Board. The self-regulation system recognises that advertisers share a common interest in promoting consumer confidence in and respect for general standards of advertising.

Self regulation, eh? So the whole decision is effectively meaningless anyway. And if the Australian advertising world at large decides that it's a load of bollocks, then chances are the ASB will change its tune anyway. With it being pretty insane to label public comment on an "open" forum advertising

Comment Re:Competition == Irreparable Harm (Score 3, Insightful) 160

From your link:

Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 now ranks as the UK’s most popular handset based on live searches and sales, according to the uSwitch.com Mobile Tracker.

Assuming the accuracy of these statements, the current rate of sales of the Galaxy SIII is exceeding that of the iPhone 4S. I think it's more surprising that the iPhone 4S is selling so well several months after it was released than a top-end brand new phone selling better than it. Only time will tell whether the SIII ends up being truly more popular than the 4S.

Comment Re:Oh no (Score 4, Insightful) 292

"Gifts" from the west only result in laziness

Also known economic circumstances as dumping. The local costs of production can't compete with 'free', and so local production is stymied by what is effectively first world governments subsidising domestic production.

And we get all indignant when China does things for "cheap".

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