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Comment NeXTSTEP had this probably earlier (Score 1, Informative) 250

I remember that NeXTstep had this in the Workspace Manager. ou could click a file and push CMD+3 to see a preview of the content of the file, if preview was supported. Preview worked for many file types (.tif, .snd, ...) and where it didn't work, you could write a "preview viewer" for the Workspace Manager as a plug-in.

Obviously, the preview was similar to a screenshot at the last edit stage of the file.

Comment Synology DS408 (Score 2, Informative) 517

I used 2 LaCies for a while, but they both had a throughput of 10MB/s (the NAS with XP as OS) and 6MB/s (LaCie with Linux).

Then I switched to Synology DS408. Mine has 4x Seagate 1.5TB HDs, RAID 5, so I have around 4TB of space.

The network throughput maxes out at around 60MB/s(!). But this might be due to my not-so-good switch. It's all on a Gbps-Network.

I used it only with Mac OS X (iMac, MBP, MBA, MB) with AFP. I haven't tested performance with SMB or NFS, but should be as fast as AFP (probably even faster).

One thing, which really convinced me of Synology, was their support. Since the Seagate 1.5TB HDs have some problems (make sure you buy those with Firmware >=SD1A), I had a lot of issues at the beginning and thought that it's a problem with the NAS. I even thought I lost data. When I contacted Synology, they offered to log-on on to the NAS and try recovery, local check and everything - for free. And in the end, they found the problem with the Seagate HDs, proposed the solution and I am now even more happy then before.

And no, I'm not working at Synology...

Comment Re:In other news ... (Score 1) 455

Yes, indeed (catholic==TRUE) would be more generic. But since I'm a die-hard NEXTSTEP/Mac OS X-developer, where "YES" and "NO" are preferred over "TRUE" and "FALSE", it was more natural for me to write "catholic==YES".

Then again, since we should generalize, you are right, the attribute should be "religion" with values like (christian-roman-catholic|christian-protestant|christian-orthodox|muslim|jewish|buddhist|...|other). This would be more generally applicable to (more or less) any human being.

The question is, of course: Would you be considered, even remotely, as a potential candidate, if you have an attribute with (potential) variable values?

Comment Re:In other news ... (Score 2, Informative) 455

Being wet is not an attribute of water, in fact water makes wet. If I remember correctly from my physics class:
When a matter is covered by a liquid such as water, that matter becomes wet.
Yes, the Pope, on the other hand, does have to have the attribute "catholic==YES", otherwise it won't work (whatever "it" it is).

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