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Comment Re:Already Fixed? (Score 3, Informative) 143

From TFA:

“Hi, so you think by removing all my access across the infrastructure was going to be a great idea? We had a chat yesterday, you’ve decided to end this bitter. How about I just change the DNS entries right now. CM will practically go down.”

Refusing to be extorted for funds, and then being threatened is “ending it bitter”? Today, it happened: all of our records were deleted, and is slowly expiring out of the Internet and being replaced by blank pages and non-existing sites.

(emphasis mine)

Not fixed, just hasn't been broken yet for a steadily decreasing number of people.

Comment Re:Do you guys want another monopoly? (Score 1) 348

As one of those commenters talking about Android getting the most market share, I don't necessarily want an Android monopoly. All I really want is Android phone and tablet app and accessory support that matches iOS support and death to mandatory walled gardens and locked phones. Device support is pretty self explanatory, but we've already seen Microsoft go from a relatively open desktop OS to a locked down phone/tablet OS in order to try and copy the closed Apple model, and I think that is bad for the future of computing. Start people in a walled garden if you want, but give them the ability to opt-out and unlock their phones if they so choose. The more Android marginalizes iOS, the less likely it is that the next challengers follow that closed pattern.

That being said, if Android does manage to get an OS monopoly, I think the open source nature of the Android project will keep it from copying many of the lock-in problems that made the Windows monopoly so bad.

Comment Re:But iPhone 5? (Score 4, Interesting) 348

Yeah, but this is yet another data point along with Android-overtaking-iOS timeline. First it was all Android phones outselling iPhones for a quarter. Then it was all Android phones overtaking iPhones in market share, but the iPhone massively outselling any single Android phone. Now one Android phone outsold the iPhone for one quarter, if only for the worst iPhone quarter, but I'm expecting it to become more of a regular occurrence in the future.

Although a lot of people will be dismissing these numbers as irrelevant outside of fanboi dick-measuring, they do matter. The Android phone app ecosystem was far behind the iOS phone ecosystem until the Android marketshare started too large for it to be ignored, and now they are effectively equivalent. However, when it comes to physical phone accessories, iPhones are massively more supported then any Android phone (at least as far as I can tell from personal observation). Once certain Android phones start selling in numbers comperable to iPhones, the accessory support will follow.

Also, now that Google has started focusing on tablets, I'm expecting a similar pattern on those in the future.

Comment Re:Does it bother anyone... (Score 2) 208

....that candidates are winning elections via data mining versus appealing to people with ideas?

I wouldn't say that that they won via data mining, they still appealed to people with ideas to win the election. They just used data mining to determine the best way to present the ideas in order to appeal to the most people more efficiently.

Comment Re:KDE is keeping the configurability torch alive (Score 1) 289


KDE is one of the only environments left that doesn't treat its users like morons. It isn't a perfect piece of software, but it's one of the only remaining things that isn't after the "dumb everything down!!" mantra. The others: Windows, Gnome, Unity, OSX, IOS, Android, all seem to be chasing the other roads.

For that reason alone, I've found it worth giving them money, which you can do here: - I've given them about euros 100 over the last year.

FWIW two others that don't treat users like morons are Cinnamon and MATE. I prefer Cinnamon, but if you're running from Gnome either would probably be an easier adjustment than KDE. I just wanted to point out donation options for people who'd like to keep a Gnome 2-like UI.

Comment Happy I made the switch (Score 2) 74

I'll be looking forward to the updates soon. I switched to Linux Mint once Cinnamon came out, it seemed less buggy than Mate while still giving me the use of Gnome utilities that I preferred over XFCE. Cinnamon was feature-limited at first, but Linux Mint + Cinnamon still had most of the Ubuntu goodness combined with a UI direction that made sense. Now that more features are getting added to Cinnamon with every new version, I'm glad I made the switch. My only real question is how to best move my Nautilus scripts over to Nemo.

Comment Re:Geeze.. (Score 1) 214

In addition to all of the other instances mentioned above, I've been using Alarm Clock Xtreme with shake to turn off on my Android phone (actually two phones, using on both a Droid Incredible and Galaxy Nexux) for a couple years now. This patent is only original if you consider whacking the phone significantly innovative over shaking, flipping, or any other motion based ways to silence phones that have been around for years.

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