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Comment Happy I made the switch (Score 2) 74

I'll be looking forward to the updates soon. I switched to Linux Mint once Cinnamon came out, it seemed less buggy than Mate while still giving me the use of Gnome utilities that I preferred over XFCE. Cinnamon was feature-limited at first, but Linux Mint + Cinnamon still had most of the Ubuntu goodness combined with a UI direction that made sense. Now that more features are getting added to Cinnamon with every new version, I'm glad I made the switch. My only real question is how to best move my Nautilus scripts over to Nemo.

Comment Re:Geeze.. (Score 1) 214

In addition to all of the other instances mentioned above, I've been using Alarm Clock Xtreme with shake to turn off on my Android phone (actually two phones, using on both a Droid Incredible and Galaxy Nexux) for a couple years now. This patent is only original if you consider whacking the phone significantly innovative over shaking, flipping, or any other motion based ways to silence phones that have been around for years.

Comment Re:Punishing success (Score 1) 347

So! I hope Google will be equally as cheerful when the government comes in and wrenches all of their technologies away from them because they've become so ubiquitous! I mean, if there's anything "everyone" uses on the Internet nowadays that ought to be "shared," it's Google search, right?

You too can create your own search engine to compete against Google. Google doesn't have a patent on that, only their particular algorithm for doing search. Create your own search engine algorithm and you're good to go. What you can't do, however, is create your own algorithm to search multiple sources on a phone, or create your own slide-to-unlock algorithm for a phone, because Apple has patented the very idea of doing that. And somehow you think those are the "technologies" that need protection from the government wrenching them away.

Comment Re:How about... (Score 1) 355

why should they spend any money on getting a new version of the OS onto an already sold and accounted for phone?

Because customers are unlikely to come back if their last phone never got updated? This attitude sounds like a good way to get customers to switch do a phone that gets timely updates.

Comment Re:Don't count on it (Score 1) 1226

I realize this is fanciful, and the odds are really high that this didn't happen, but who is to say that six thousand years ago something didn't just pop everything into existence fully formed, *including* all of the evidence?

And how is this *not* creationism? If you're trying to prove that not everyone that doubts evolution is a harboiled creationist, you probably shouldn't base your argument on a slightly reworded form of creationism.

Comment Re:Ubuntu is dead to me (Score 1) 543

On serious note: what are the alternatives? Are there any other menu-based window managers, that look nice? I mean, I can tolerate the Fluxbox, but my wife definitely cant

Linux Mint. Based on Ubuntu, but with a reasonable desktop manager plan. I use Cinnamon, which is trying to make Gnome3 look similar to the Gnome2 desktop but it still a bit of a work in progress. It also comes with Mate, which is a full fork of Gnome2. Either way Mint is more oriented for desktop-friendly interfaces in the long term, as opposed to thinking a tablet interface is a good idea.

Comment Re:Validity? (Score 1) 370

I suppose a good example to reinforce what you are saying would be this post. Just go to the comments and look what happens when an article about the Facebook login page gets promoted to the #1 Google result for "facebook login". So many helpless people. Just imagine what changing the method to open a browser would do to them.

Submission + - EU approves Google-Motorola deal ( 1

angry tapir writes: "European regulators have given Google the green light to take over Motorola Mobility. The US$12.5 billion deal faced strong opposition from open source and consumer rights advocates, including Consumer Watchdog, but the European Commission announced on Monday that the acquisition could go ahead, without conditions."

Comment Re:Groundhog day, same story over and over (Score 1) 386

It makes sense to compare Foxconn to practically-no-longer-existing factories in the Western world because of the recession and high unemployment in the Western world. The US could really use those manufacturing jobs, but Apple would rather exploit cheap Chinese labor because it helps increase their record profits. There is a reason the Western world implemented regulations preventing the type of labor conditions that exist in these factories, but Apple (and everyone else using Foxconn) would like to ignore those reasons if it helps their bottom line.

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