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Comment Re:Logic (Score 2, Interesting) 167

"In either case dark matter may not be necessary at all"

I agree dark matter may not be the correct answer, but more like, the current best fit answer, given current available evidence. One concept that could explain what is going on, without the need for dark matter, is the idea of Dark Flow.

If Dark Flow can be proven, (big if?! ... Instant Nobel Prize winningly big if?!), but joking aside, if Dark Flow can be totally proven, then it would mean our idea of the universe, is simply only based on our visible part of the universe. (Due to the limit of how far we can see, because light can only travel so far, in the time the universe has existed). If Dark Flow really exists, then it means we are like a fish in a fish bowl, trying to make sense of the fish bowl, but unable to see beyond the bowl. (So unaware of just how much could be outside the fish bowl).

If Dark Flow really exists?, I think that would give us an awesome insight into the universe, but also an awe inspiring glimpse of just how limited our understanding of the universe may actually be?.

Comment Re:Inspiration..Star Wars robot C3-PO? (Score 1) 469

You know I am telling the truth. Its you who doesn't want to accept facts. Read your own post ... Your words, not mine. i.e.
"Oh, now it looks like youre targetting me specifically for down mods because you're a pissy little kid who's been shown to be quite incorrect in a subject which he's implied expertise. Between systematically modding you down and referencing material and statistics that expose you as a fake, I don't think this will take very long."

So funny how you use the word comprehension, when you forget what you said and fail totally to comprehend what I mean (or is that just another part of your tiresome game). Ok, as simple as I can say it.

* You trolled my comments, for weeks.

* You threatened multiple times to "systematically mod me down" due to your misguided paranoia.

* You use condescending phrases, combined with misinformation to wrongly imply discredit at my forum comments.

* You also use straw man arguments, to again wrongly imply discredit at my forum comments.

Still don't get it? ... I bet not. (I don't care if you don't call it a game or think of it as a game, its still your need to compete or whatever you call it).

Its you who doesn't want to accept facts. So as you fail to accept facts, your words are misinformation, because they are not based on the facts.

Comment Re:What about competition? (Score 1) 158

It would definitely have something to do with it. Publicly undermining a government position on anything, is a bad move (politically speaking, as far as that government is concerned. It is however necessary to provide opposition, otherwise you end up with a dictatorship), but any attempt to oppose a government, is something a government will act against, to undermine anyone who opposes them.

Governments even treat their own members the same way, so they have no problem treating complete opponents like this. For example, they use the concept of the politic whips against even their own party members. So they have no trouble using similar tactics against complete opponents.

For example, "Whip is a role in party-based politics whose primary purpose is to ensure control of the formal decision-making process in a parliamentary legislature. Whips are party 'enforcers', who typically offer both inducements and punishments to party members."

Comment Re:What about competition? (Score 2, Informative) 158

"Their proposal was 12 pages long, compared to serious proposals of hundreds of pages"

I doubt this is only about the proposals. 6 weeks ago, Telstra criticized the government over Internet Filtering. This action to kick Telstra out of the $15bn Broadband Project, is the government's reaction to that criticism.

For example,
"Australia's ISPs Speak Out Against Filtering"
"The leaders of three of Australia's largest internet service providers -- Telstra Media's Justin Milne, iiNet's Michael Malone and Internode's Simon Hackett -- have, in video interviews with ZDNet.com.au over the past few months, detailed technical, legal and ethical reasons why ISP-level filtering won't work."

... Like the old say, "Don't bite the hand that feeds you" ... and governments are very good at knowing how to manipulate, exactly like this.

Submission + - Interview with Joanna Rutkowska

An anonymous reader writes: Joanna Rutkowska is primarily known for her contributions to Windows Vista backdoor installation and hiding techniques. She is very interested in stealth technology as used by malware and attackers to hide their malicious actions after a successful break-in. This includes various types of rootkits, network backdoors and covert channels.

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