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Comment How long (Score 1) 91

I like to imagine that I stay informed on science/tech stories and it seems like everyday I read about new tech and innovations.... but they never seem to be implemented in a desirable timeline. How come the big power consumers like Google, IBM and Microsoft haven't thrown loads of cash into these types of innovations? Early investments would certainly pay off in the long run- a million fold in energy efficiancy isn't good enough I guess.

Comment The next level... (Score 1) 139

While reading the article I couldn't help but imagine the great mountains of sand in the deserts across the world. How come they don't make a machine that melts sand to create glass but then equips the glass with the necessary compenents for a solar panel? It could run off of petrol at first but then as it begins making the panels it could string them behind it as it moves to pick up more sand for the next one and eventually it will be running exclusively off of the solar panels. Just an idea. is this possible with current tech?

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