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Comment Btrfs (Score 1) 212

I have a 3 tiered backup solution:
-my desktop and laptop use btrfs as their primary filesystems and take daily snapshots
-once a week the latest snapshot is copied to my server, which has a 4 disk Btrfs RAID* array (singly redundant). This is currently done using rsync, but will eventually use btrfs send once my kernel supports it (Debian user stuck on 3.2 here - any one have any idea when the feature freeze will end?)
-twice a year the server is backed up to some external hard drives

Btrfs provides integrity checks, snapshots, and faster RAID recovery times. Admittedly, it's still in development, but there haven't been any critical bugs in a stable kernel for a while AFAIK.

*I know RAID isn't backup, but what RAID is good for is minimizing the cost of a failure. Normally that refers to downtime, but in this case it's about preventing loss of the data saved since the last offline backup.

Comment Re:Please don't screw up Kmail (Score 1) 89

I'll second this. That said, I'd settle for the ability to reply to HTML emails without totalling the formatting, given that it's pretty much the only reason that I have to use an alternative these days.

(Not sure if this is fixed in a later version - I'm on Debian, so I'm still using 4.4 because of the feature freeze.)

Comment Re:I must agree (Score 1) 458

Apple is doing more work in the back end to bring stuff about like SSD caching that solves real world problems (e.g.. "i has an ssd and a hd and but don't want to manually manage storage").

For reference, there is actually code out there that can do this under Linux - it's called bcache. The only issue is that it hasn't been accepted into the mainline yet, which is unlikely to happen for some time due to differences of opinion between the maintainer and the other kernel devs.

Comment Re:Prosecutors (Score 1) 382

I doubt it would get anywhere. The adversarial nature of the legal system pushes a black and white worldview - the prosecutors perceive themselves as the heroes in a fight of good vs evil, and like most people, will commit any number of logical fallacies to protect their egotistic self-perceptions.

Comment Re:No google for u! (Score 1) 329

I'll second this. I was buying a new laptop recently, and I'd have been perfectly happy to put myself on a list (temporarily) to get emails, ads, etc. about laptops. The main criticisms of ads are that they distract from the content, and that they're not relevant.
As long as I have the option to turn the tracking off (e.g. by disabling cookies or using Incognito Mode / etc.), I have no objections to be being tracked.

Comment Re:What about this. (Score 1) 1059

This is starting to sound a lot like addicition to one of the worse drugs. You can't just stop, because the withdrawal could easily kill you. But simply continuing on this route isn't going to help either. The required solution is a careful, controlled descent, but you don't have the self-control to pull it off so you'll probably just keep on going deeper of the end until you OD and die...

Comment Re:Can't America get its acts together ? (Score 1) 1059

"All of us" can't declare war, mint currency, prosecute crimes, or ratify international treaties, either.

Not sure about the others, but I see absolutely no reason why we can't declare war. All you need are weapons and someone you don't like (and you don't even need the weapons if you are in the mood for a cold war; merely the illusion of them will suffice).

Comment Re:Obvious things to check (Score 1) 247

2) Depression meds actually work

That depends. In my experience, there are two kinds of depression: the kind caused by a chemical imbalance, and the kind caused by one lifestyle/environment/perspective. Meds can only really help the first - the second is more related to the reality and how one perceives it / thinks about it, the latter of which generally benefits more from things like cognitive behaviour therapy.

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