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Submission + - Gamester Race Pac for PS2 & Xbox

BigMan writes: "While the Xbox and PS2 have become less popular with the release of the latest generation of consoles, there are many great titles still available, especially in the racing genre. But how can you breathe new life those racing games?, popular on-line retailer, offers a product, the Gamester Race Pac, which might do the trick. This set puts you literally into the driver's set while playing your favorite racing titles. Read on to find out if it makes it to the finish line in style. Check it out @ Rbmods"

Submission + - Quicktime + Vista = BSOD!

Question Guy writes:
Apple Quicktime is causing a troubling problem which doesn't seem to be addressed by any of the major software & hardware manufacturers involved. On Toshiba machines, such as the Protege Tablet M400s, opening a locally stored quicktime .MOV on a machine with Windows Vista will cause instant BSOD. All other video functions seem to be working in other video playback types (even streaming .MOVs work), and there is little or no 'buzz' on the internet which might push any of the parties to play nice together. (Microsoft for Vista, Intel for the GMA945 chipset, Toshiba for their custom software for tablet functionality, or Apple for Quicktime)

Help, anyone?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Wifi Health Danger

Zaffle writes: "Britain and New Zealand's top health-protection watchdog wants the wireless networks, which emits radiation, to be full investigated because of the concern for students' health. Several European provincial governments have already taken action to ban, or limit, Wi-Fi use in the classroom.

Recent research has linked radiation from mobiles to cancer and brain damage. And many studies have found disturbing symptoms in people near masts.

Professor Olle Johansson, of Sweden's Karolinska Institute, who is concerned about the spread of Wi-Fi, says "thousands" of articles in scientific literature demonstrate "adverse health effects" from Wi-Fi.

"Do we not know enough already to say, 'stop'?"

For the past 16 months, the provincial government of Salzburg in Austria has been advising schools not to install Wi-Fi, and is considering a ban."

Black Hole Cluster Spawns Massive Cloud 74

Shifty Jim writes in with an article at reporting that a cluster of galaxies harboring black holes may be the source of a massive cloud millions of light years across. Quoting: "A giant cloud of superheated gas 6 million light years wide might be formed by the collective sigh of several supermassive black holes, scientists say. The plasma cloud... might be the source of mysterious cosmic rays that permeate our universe... The plasma cloud is located about 300 million light years away near the Coma Cluster and is spread across a vast region of space thought to contain several galaxies with supermassive black holes... embedded at their centers."

Submission + - Man Kept Off Flight Because of Book

bossesjoe writes: "A man was stopped from boarding his flight from Philadelphia to Phoenix when a random luggage search revealed a copy of Hayduke Lives! by Edward Abbey. The book prominently features a bomber on the cover holding sticks of dynamite and was enough for the security officials to detain him. Later he was also told because he purchased his ticket on September 11th, 2001 (even though it was before the attacks) and because of his expired driver's license (which was not expired) that could not take the flight. After purchasing another ticket for a later date he again detained and searched but was allowed to pass through security forty five minutes after being cleared. Is this what airport security has come to?"

Feed Calls for WiFi safety inquiry to be carried out in UK (

Filed under: Household, Wireless

The UK paper The Independent on Sunday has been thinking of the children recently with a headline article today proclaiming that children are at risk from WiFi signals, or what it sensationally calls "electronic smog." Their motivation for putting WiFi into an almost satanic light are calls by the UK Health Protection Agency to hold an investigation into the safety of WiFi signals. That's fair enough: even if most of the mania surrounding the safety (or lack thereof) of wireless networks is unjustified, an inquiry should put the record straight, right? Still, when another of the bodies that is calling for the inquiry -- the Department of Education and Skills -- calls wireless area networks "magical," it gives the increasing panic over WiFi a rather depressing perspective. Why exactly children are being used to justify an inquiry is a question that needs to be answered too, since the number of homes and workplaces equipped with WiFi must surely outnumber primary and secondary schools. That's before you factor in the prevalence of cordless phones and an array of other wireless kit in the home, which operate on the same 2.4GHz frequency that the majority of routers do. Unfortunately, our expectation is that an inquiry will lead to the same kind of back and forth arguments about the safety of mobile phones and their masts, and not any kind of clarity over this almost manufactured controversy. It certainly doesn't help for WiFi to be branded a "radiation threat" before an inquiry has even been agreed upon.

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