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Comment Re:That's a lot of money... (Score 1) 311

Well thanks for all the advice on what to do with iTunes, but if I don't use it on a PC, how will I go about installing songs onto my iPod without it freaking out? iTunes does have some anti-piracy features, such as not allowing buyers to download songs they have purchased more than once. I'll tell it not to manage my library and see if that works. My parents plan on buying a mac G5 though, so this might not be a problem for much longer :) And no, iTunes is not difficult to use, except for it wiping my library. To fix this I have to disable iTunes, plug in my iPod and open it up as a removable drive, copy the .m4a files and click-and-drag them into iTunes. Otherwise, iTunes updates my iPod when I plug it in, meaning it's updated to nothing.

And yes, jmnormand, you're right, the media probably does exaggerate the numbers...

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