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Submission + - SPRINT LTE COMING SOON! (

spitek writes: I was tipped off to this story by an email looking for a LTE Validation engineer for a "opportunity we currently have available for a RAN Engineer with a major telecommunications company located in Overland Park, KS." which in English is pronounced "Sprint". A little looking and indeed Bloomburg announced the business deal days ago, while others continue the dialogue about what this means to the industry and the future. What are your thoughts? Does this mean Sprint will not be bought by Verizon at some point or just sweeten the deal?

Comment PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS! (Score 0) 639

But I still understand what your getting at. It's like this. Problem #1: People are idiots Fix: There is none Problem #2: Admins and companies are lax with Security Policy. Fix: You let me know what it is after you overcome laziness, apathy and budgets. So someone was like, I'm sick of all this nonsense what can be done to actually fix this? Well like was pointed out, the functionality is all ready there in most endpoint security solutions. Revert to Fix #2. This is not the OS's job, it's the peoples job. I bet the poster is for the nanny state as well.

Comment Re:Tracking? Remote data access? (Score 1) 399

That was the very first thing that came to mind! Hungry - yeah your right about the phones but dammit I want them to have to do a little more work then run my name through a data base to be able to remotely execute code on my system on my nx laptop!! This whole bit about a rumor is simply naive or purposeful misinformation. so it requires a smartphone or perhaps some wicked CMDA feature... wicked CMDA feature? umm.. there is a data connection to all modern phones, even non smart phones can serf the web these days, patriot act, HELLO! But yes smart phones would be the easiest. If anyone at any decent level in any part of law enforcement wanted to read all your text messages and get your gps location, bet it's as simple as filling out a form. Can they use it in court?? probably not, but that's not the point. I see this as an extreme risk, surely someone will figure out how to disable this feature and publish it. If your someone that says to all that, I have nothing to hide then consider the fact that if anyone can get a 3g connection the CMOS/BIOS level then someone else will be able to as well. Then it's not rocket science to inject code into the guest OS. Brilliant Intel! Besides it wont stop the theft only piss off the thief. Don't let your laptop get stolen and encrypt your disk if you want you data safe.

High Fructose Corn Syrup To Get a Makeover 646

An anonymous reader writes "With its sweetener linked to obesity, some cancers and diabetes, the Corn Refiners Association (CRA) doesn't want you to think 'fructose' when you see high fructose corn syrup in your soda, ketchup or pickles. Instead, the AP reports, the CRA submitted an application to the FDA, hoping to change the name of their top-selling product to 'corn sugar.'"

Comment McAfee is way more the just AV Ya'll (Score 1) 377

I work in Info Sec and never touch AV but use McAfee products all the time. Their IPS appliances are magic quad and nice devices at that, Foundstone VA scanners are good and their NexGen firewall has promise. Those are just the McAfee Network Security tools I use daily and are happy with. Let's not forget the signature base AV is limited no matter who makes it. All the bad feels about McAfee or mainly annoyance with the performance of signature based AV technology as a whole.

Quantum Physics For Everybody 145

fiziko writes in with a self-described "blatant self-promotion" of a worthwhile service for those wishing to go beyond Khan Academy physics: namely Bureau 42's Summer School. "As those who subscribe to the 'Sci-Fi News' slashbox may know, Bureau 42 has launched its first Summer School. This year we're doing a nine-part series (every Monday in July and August) taking readers from high school physics to graduate level physics, with no particular mathematical background required. Follow the link for part 1."

Comment Ironic, the whole article IS an AD! (Score 1) 417

I work for a parent company that owns four major US newspapers, we would NOT want this. We make hundreds of thousands of dollars a day off ads on the papers web sites and everyone knows paper as a medium is on it's way out, not overnight but the stats don't lie in this case. Doesn't everyone like free content anyway? I mean seriously, rather Mc'E'Dees pay for the bandwidth and time to make it work than me. I would, and those are the only options, period regardless of what Obama tells you! This undermines the entire successful business model of commerce on the net. I also do not buy that it would be standard and on by default in five years. This author needs to move to Washington DC, think he'd fit in.

Comment Dizzyness and Confusion? (Score 1) 515

I for one would be embarrassed to make an international stink about something as trivial as a little extra "wireless phone" signal around making me dizzy and confused when I'm manually putting other mind altering substances. I think he just used internet to stream no name DJ mixes from random web sites and had to pop a few pills w/ a rip from the bong to be able to actually like it, that explain his "dazed and confused" state. Also be careful with all your free love, it's almost twenty ten, you'll catch and STD.

Comment Apache w/ F5's (Score 1) 298

The "BEST" way to do this would be an application that is coded for session sickyness(that it if your site is databsae run where users login or if you have something like a shopping cart), you would build it out with a back end DB Active-Passive Cluster, then 2 or more active nodes in your HTTP server cluster with an Big IP F5 in front. Now this is quite $$$ but you asked what the best way is so there you have it.

Comment Re:Someone needs to be FIRED (Score 1) 711

Granted you have a point that it is not a extremely large amount but that's still way more than needed to take database backups. That's what the $1200 computer I mentioned was for, really you could have done it with half that
  Then an hour of a sys admins time to set a cron job to do a database dump then scp or rsync it somewhere. I have customers with 1 /100th the traffic yet they still have database backups. They even grab them manually down to their home machine every couple weeks via a web based open source tool
  Money has no place in defending this even. It's human ignorance or laziness , period

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