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Comment money money (Score 1) 385

Someone must be hanging some large monetary candy in front of Experian for them to publish such a bogus article. No follow thru thought seems to have been in action. I agree with other comments that 1: not clicking can sometimes be a sucess. How much time do I want to waste sifting thru useless info. The cull rate should be part of the equations. 2: Sometimes the answer I'm looking for is there so I have no need to click. Lets see, I got my answer but according to Experian its a failure. The only reason I ever even use Bing is because MS obfuscates implementing of google as the primary search instead of Bing. I wish one day MS would rely on quality of product rather than brute force to get market share. IE, Bing, Office to name a few examples. Some you literally can't get rid of, some its a total PITA to do so and some just take forever, i.e. removing Office, ugh.

Comment Re:Doesn't matter what they report (Score 2) 465

You are so right. Recently there was some big effort on the right touting the fact that the glacier at Mt. Shasta, as well as 6 or 7 others are growing. I did a little quick research, which I believe should be left to scientists, not creationists like DR Roy Spencer, the NASA naysayer. Anyway my research taught me that there are approximately 100,000 glaciers on the plants. So lets see 7 over 100,000. Are they kidding? Seven are growing at minute levels while 99,993 are melting, some at hight speed. I actually have no idea if all 99,993 are melting, its just the idea that THEIR science only needs a sample so tiny. ugh

Comment trade secrets smokescreen (Score 1) 294

I think the trade secrets mantra is total bullshit. The chemicals they all use (probably all drillers use the same anyway, no real trade secret) are incredibly toxic. The trade secrets mantra is just a smokescreen to hide the truth from the public that would never okay this fracking tech once they know the toxins being pumped into the aquifers.

Comment what about the old "manual" machines (Score 1) 76

What was wrong--I'm not being facetious--I would like to know, with the old voting machines. The ones in which you pushed the big lever to the right, flipped down the little knobs to vote and then push the lever back. Were they hackable? It drives me crazy when the computer experts warn warn warn, but the right wing powers that be, funded by the corporations with the most to gain monetarily and politically, ignore the warnings and are once again wrong wrong wrong.

Comment apples and oranges (Score 1) 335

Weirdos and geeks are unrelated. Weirdos are often individuals with alternative personas. Geeks (not being pejorative, just factual) don't know how to, can't fit it. They may be very smart and therefore perhaps successful (as the weirdos) in later life but for whatever reason in HS they are not yet socially adept, mature. Me thinks the writer of this article was probably a geek, but so clueless.

Comment Bats? (Score 1) 387

Bats? We are talking solar are we not? Don't bats fly when the sun is down? There might be certain losses, but not catastrophic. If you balance it out I would guess bird loss from oil spills, all sorts of carbon, coal pollution, global warming have a much more severe effect. I'd choose solar any day, even a cloudy one.

Comment College, not ace tech (trade) school (Score 1) 583

I earned a 4 year BS degree in CS years ago. I took 2 terms of calculus, which maybe helped. I also took various discrete math, finite math courses as well as operating systems, assembly language (that i've never programmed in for financial gain) and more. While it may not have taught me how to walk into and office and just do Cloud Computing, what it did (clearly IMHO) give me a huge leg up an every and anyone that didn't have my background in the theoretical stuff. Thru the years it has been so much easier for me to understand computer concepts, e.g. the GUI, UI, much OS related stuff, IT stuff than people that had to learn how to do computer related stuff that didn't see all the thought underlying.

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