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Comment Re:Ah, capitalism. (Score 1) 325

What are your sources for those numbers? They don't seem completely off, but it would be nice to know what year they were from, etc.

Those 20% include several lumped-together categories. 20% were on different kinds of welfare in 2010, but that includes the disabled (not sure what year your 12% is from, though - hard without sources...), a special early retirement program, and welfare directed to getting people back into work.

Also, note that close to all teachers - from kindergarten up to and including university, most doctors and most nurses are employed by the government in Norway and other Scandinavian countries.

Comment Re:gmail and yahoo have procedures for reporting s (Score 1) 133

It's nice that you always remember which buisnesses are allowed to send you newsletters.

Don't you think it's plausible that someone signs up for a newsletter, and when they get it 3 weeks later have forgotten, and mark it as "spam"? Wouldn't that be a problem with the suggested anti-spam system, especially for smaller buisnesses?

Comment Re:Chinese GDP (Score 1) 293

See, the fun thing about a centralized government is that they can decide to lower prices on those buildings, to minimize losses. I guess you already know about most of the not-so-fun-things, so I won't list them all here :)

Comment Re:Not that surprising, actually (Score 1) 468

KDE's release wasn't really that disasturous. They released their platform, which was pretty ready to start building on top of.
Now naturally all the "ultra-hip", "cutting edge" distros had to include the incomplete KDE 4 desktop, instead of the stable 3.5 one, when they could have just shipped the libraries; they can live side-by-side.

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