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Comment Re:How Is This a Good Thing? (Score 3, Insightful) 150

Maybe free as in liberating rather than price? I don't mean to threadcrap but I thought Google's intent was to take books that basically nobody have access to anymore and making them available. What use is a previously free work that nobody can read? Ideally, publishers should take the initiative to make all out-of-print, rare, orphaned books available.

Comment Re:Conservative tend to scare easier (Score 2, Interesting) 592

I recall reading that article and I think it may have been posted on Slashdot too. The study can then be taken by mainstream media and spun as both positive and negative for either political party. Republicans can be construed as either quicker thinking or they can be maligned as knee jerk reactionaries. Similarly, Democrats can then be thought of as either slow witted or more deliberate big picture-rs. It all depends on which side you are.

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