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Comment Re:Work Experience (Score 1) 834

This really depends on where the corporate ladder goes in the company usually. Yes, without the masters you may not be able to go any higher in actual engineering and R&D, but if the goal is to be in management one day, either a masters of business or a lot of project head experience and departmental experience along the way will make the most difference and let you progress. At some point everyone hits the top pay grade for a certain job, and yes, if you limit yourself to certain career paths from there you will eventually stagnate. If you have lots of leadership experience and are good at your job and are interested though, you shouldn't ever get stuck, unless your company is just not very bright.

Comment Re:So long cables running from space to earth? (Score 4, Informative) 371

The trick is beaming it back. They can either do it the less efficient way, such as what they're trying to do with wireless power chargers for phones and such, or they can beam it back as microwaves or as a focused heat and or light beam to a giant receiver. either way, the dangerous part is what happens if it somehow missed the receiver. it may become a weapon, or in the case of microwaves, make people sick and or kill them. If they can work the safety part out, it's a great plan though. P.S. I believe the article cites microwave as their preferred method.

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