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Comment Re:LaTeX (Score 2, Insightful) 325

I'll cast my vote as well for LaTeX, perhaps with an extra vote for lyx as well (started with LaTeX, but find lyx speeds things up).

More importantly though, I'm casting a huge vote for BibTeX. Get a frontend to take care of the syntax for you. Once you do that, it's a lifesaver. Pick a reference style once and all you need do is drop a quick ref command with the bibliography entry's name and it build the reference for you, adds the entry into the bibliography (properly formatted and placed), and generally takes care of everything. References are often a chore that distracts from including the content you want; BibTeX makes it simple.


Submission + - Big Plans for Wii Lightsaber Game (

Moelman writes: "During a demonstration for LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Wii at the Activate Asia Pacific conference, LucasArts' own Mark Montuya made a comment that LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga for Wii is "just a taster" for a future release of Wii lightsaber combat. This sound bit brings the hopes and dreams of geeks everywhere to a reality, implying that LucasArts is already hard at work on a game to use this functionality. Montuya would not comment further on how it would work, but issues that would seem to be difficult to overcome would be how to portray the lightsaber clashing against another object or lightsaber."

Submission + - Russia plans own moon base (

Socguy writes: "After being rebuffed by NASA, Russia now plans to build it's own moon base by as early as 2027.

Russia plans to send a manned mission to the moon by 2025 and establish a permanent base shortly thereafter, the head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos said Friday.

"According to our estimates, we will be ready for a manned flight to the moon in 2025," Roskosmos chief Anatoly Perminov told state news agency RIA Novosti. A station that could be inhabited could be built there between 2027 and 2032, he said.

While Russia will be refurbishing existing spacecraft, the U.S. is taking a different approach after the space station is finished and plans to scrap the space shuttle program in favour of a new kind of spaceship to be called Orion. nce-russia-moon.html"


Submission + - Nokie threatens to blow iPhone away (

judgecorp writes: "Nokia didn't mention Apple at its Go Play launch in London — it didn't have to. The new Ovi service is, as predicted, a revived version of N-Gage, but it's also a combined music, games and location service, designed to let users get content and interact through both PCs and mobiles. The company also has some new phones that seem to address all the criticisms of the iPhone — they have 3G and they are open to developers, and they'll also do the touch-screen, 3D menu thing. Given Nokia is the largest consumer durable maker in the world, with a 900 million-strong truly global user base, I'd say Apple better watch out!"
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - iPhone SIM unlocked

frdmfghtr writes: The iPhone has been unlocked. According to a story at Engadget, the unlocking takes a few minutes, is restore-resistent, and activates several other neat little features (like selecting a particular carrier). Wireless Internet access worked, SMS worked, email worked, Google Maps worked...the iPhone is free of AT&T exclusivity.
Portables (Apple)

Submission + - iPhone SIM-Unlock done (for a fee)! ( 1

prxp writes: "Engadget is running a story on a company named that has been able to SIM-unlock the iPhone via software. The team is planning on selling the solution for a small (?) fee. According to the story the unlock is legitimately and works even after you fully restore your iPhone. Although Engadget is claiming "they're officially the first to break Apple's SIM locks on the iPhone", earlier this week George Hotz, a 17-year old former member of the iPhone Development Team, has also been able to SIM-unlock the iPhone, but his technique was hardware based and too complicated for the non-expert. It seems the race is over now. Who came first after all?"
The Media

Submission + - It's Official: Sirius & XM Agree To Merge

sovtekmidget writes: "From Radio Ink:
It's official: Sirius and XM have agreed to merge in a deal that will consolidate the only two companies in the business of subscription-only satellite radio. In a statement from both companies, it was announced that Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin will become chief executive of the new company while XM Chairman Gary Parsons will remain in that role. Under the agreement, the companies will be combined in a tax-free, all-stock merger of equals with a combined enterprise value of approximately $13 billion, which includes net debt of approximately $1.6 billion. The companies have approximately 14 million combined subscribers and analysts predict the deal will save both companies approximately $7 billion annually. Wait a minute, isn't this going to create a monopoly? As reported on slashdot before, the FCC was going to shoot this down, but it looks as if it's getting pushed through anyways."

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