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Comment Closer to sub warfare (Score 1) 892

Given the scale of space and the ease of refracting light, combat in space will probably resemble long-distance submarine warfare more than anything else. Silent light-refracting source-seeking missiles guided by spherical cameras with intensely high resolution looking for occlusions (i.e., the silhouettes of ships passing in front of the stellar background.) Since it's so easy to coast, and ships would have to be superiorly insulated ANYWAYS, looking for heat signatures would require extremely sensitive instruments... but would probably be viable in tandem with silhouette detectors. All in all, it would likely be a matter of extreme hiding, long distance (many many thousands of miles at the closest probably, and more typically hundreds of thousands.)

Comment Re:I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger tod (Score 1) 276

Assuming this technology pans out, why would you call it fake? Just like a lab-grown emerald, it is chemically identical to the natural source without all the damage to the landscape, infection(inclusion) exposure, or unnecessary cost. (sure it costs a lot now, it's an experiment. In a couple decades time, it'll clock in at a ten, maybe a hundredth of the cost of 'real-but-otherwise-inferior' meat off the killed organism.)

Comment Glad (Score 1, Interesting) 276

This is good progressive news; global demand for meat far outstrips the resources, which pushes producers not only to destroy wilderness to attempt to supply, but convert to factory farming, abject cruelty, increase contamination likelihood, et cetera. If you want meat in your future, and have no plans to breed a little bit less for a few generations to give the poor planet a break from the burden of trying to supply for our desires, then this is basically your only course of action. Frankly, I'd feel better eating a hunk of muscle cells that never to experience pain or required the flattening of the amazon or the draining of giant aquifers to provide.

Comment Torn (Score 1) 583

I do actually want a reworked internets that requires a unique honest 'token' for all users; not to surveil them, but to help services believe you are a real person and have something to do to the authorities with if you commit a crime using their service. The police know where your house is (or can find it easily enough) and yet, this doesn't mean they're looking in your windows all day every day watching everything you do. I want all sites, services, providers, and users of the internet to be ACCOUNTABLE and demonstrably not a bot or a virus or what have you. My job writing code trying to safeguard my organization's site against these contingencies would be a lot easier if not for 'privacy,' spoofed IPs, etc. /rant

Comment Why the skepticism? (Score 1) 311

We're effectively talking about corrective adjustments made to the shape of the eye; should it be adjusted enough in such a way as a tighter bandwidth were better scattered in the eye, then it kinda follows that some of it may be picked up. The question is, do purples, indigos, and violets seem stronger to you then before?

Comment as an American... (Score 1) 387

I can say that, aside from the pleasure of moving air (not necessarily cool air), having a fan on my face was fairly integral to being able to sleep. I've since beat the habit, but still... not sure where it comes from as I did not grow up with air conditioning. *shrug*

Comment Well... need is a subjective term (Score 1) 851

I don't NEED it any more than I NEED anything else in live other than shelter and calories. That said, what I WANT is to get rid of the phone service and simply be able to take and leave voice messages via something more like an iPad... a mobile work-facilitating communications hub. I find it a false necessity to have to put down a gorram phone number on legal forms, etc... especially when, given the fact that I don't place or receive calls, even GOphones cost me on the order of $50 a minute since their minutes expire. My smartphone has been an invaluable resource to me, though, on many occasions... I just don't need the gorram minutes that I have to have to use the damn thing. And I'm not making it up at all when I say that I've lost 115 lbs through the use of an iphone app.

Comment before deriding them too much... (Score 1) 503

....keep in mind that ALL brand new techs had to start out as playthings of the rich to help fund the perfection of the tech and the technique such that reproduction could be affordable enough for all. And before YET ANOTHER PERSON starts signing about chestnuts over a volt/tesla fire, keep in mind that thousands of combustion engine vehicles are catching fire every year.

Comment Re:Commercials and On-Demand (Score 1) 839

I was just having a nearly verbatim discussion regarding voice communication; I'm willing to pay for wireless data plans and a VOIP connection (say, in attempting to make an ipad or similar by SOLE computing/communication device)... but not for a single damn voice minute. Prepaids typically run me about $30/minute... my iphone about $90/minute. So yeah, I empathize!

Comment I dunno... (Score 1) 839

I've kept the promise to myself that I won't be buying another TV until I can literally roll it onto an entire wall like wallpaper. The precursors to that technology already exist, so there's plenty of room in perfecting and economizing the concept.

Comment I'm hoping to do the same someday (Score 1) 627

My 3 year old MacBook Pro has proven to be too heavy to be EASILY portable (portable, but dissuasively so) and it suffers a bit with some of my gaming on the side (i don't even dare try starcraft 2 on the poor overworked and now slightly damaged thing.) Still, I have some photoshop and flash work to do; I do a lot of python, perl, php and jquery work, etc... those probably would be fine on even the current generation of tablet. But yeah... I'm trying to run the macbook into the ground (as I want to abuse as few near-slave-labor foxconn workers as possible) so that hopefully in another year or two, the tablets will be up to all the tasks I want. Further, I'd rather that I didn't have to have it AND a phone. Quite frankly, if not for all these online and offline forms requiring a phone number, I wouldn't even have that... I ~never~ use the damn thing other than for such legacy issues.

Comment But what about what is currently law? (Score 1) 1167

After first being acquainted with this amendment, I went to look at what currently is law... and, quite frankly, as an IT person, I ~already~ appear to be covered by the previous broader/more vague definition already in the code. Can someone analyze how impactful the difference in language ACTUALLY is?

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