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Comment Actually your mistake is (Score 1) 332

Using a spreadsheet and not a real program. There are countless frameworks and libraries for data analysis found in any real programming language if you accept the idea of writing a real program, opposed to trying to shoehorn a real language into a spreadsheet app. Remember, spreadsheets are designed for managers, and we all know how stupid managers are right?

Also the idea of looking for some obscure spreadsheet alternative just because you don't like the syntax is another fail. Not sure what you are doing, but there is a reason why Excel is a defacto standard in business circles and not "Bob's Awesome Spreadsheet XL".

Comment More like media got flu wrong (Score 1) 72

Of course the sensational news story of this past winter was the rampant outbreak of "flu" which suddenly has become one of the biggest health scares the world has ever seen.

Google needs a sensational hyperbole filter on their Internet scrapes, something to blow past the kind of rampant proliferation of "news" not based on fact or reality, but only reported to drive web hits or broadcasts has become common place these days. Some reporter goes to the ER of a hospital, sees a room pack of sniffling, coughing people in the middle of winter, and then declares there is a plague of epic proportions infecting America, which is then dutifully re-tweeted to the idiot masses.

First, its just Flu. While very young or very old might be prone to complications from flu, the vast majority of people getting flu WILL NOT DIE from it, so the fear and overreaction to flu is unwarranted.

Second, nothing has changed from, say, 20 years ago. There is no "rise" in flu infection rates, there is no epidemic. Flu isn't stronger or more powerful then it used to be. The only difference is the Internet which spread misinformation causing ignorant alarmists to jump to ridiculous conclusions. Was 2012-2013 record breaking for flu outbreak, or was it just the year that the social media reaction to an otherwise normal amount of flu infections reached epic proportions online?

People get sick and if you eat healthy and take your vitamins generally you can recover from it easily and quickly. I have survived 2 rounds of flu spreading through out my place of work without getting sick and I haven't even gotten the flu shot, I just up my vitamins and drink some more OJ when everyone else around me is coughing and sneezing their snot all over the place. However, I'd rather people just stay the fuck in bed when they are sick.

Comment 5G needed? Not in Canada at least. (Score 1) 175

Not to be a Luddite here, but is 5G really needed?

I mean at least in Canada, 5G is like giving the Amish a Porche 911, we just can't use it.

I live in a country where "unlimited data" means roughly about 2GB a month, then the carriers start throttling and doing unsavory things to make sure my wireless data experience craps out long before I hit any real limits. So all 5G is going to do for me is ensure I have crappy wireless service about 4 days after my billing cycle begins anew.

Also 4G is faster then most home broadband services, however while carriers are pushing for wireless home services its significantly more expensive given the limitation on data and, lets face it, if you have that damn tree in your yard blocking line of sight you are never gong to see the full potential of your 4G service at home. So even if 5G could offer amazing speeds that might make home use attractive, its still not going to be offered for competitive prices to the ol' wired alternatives.

I am all for the onward progress of technology, but carriers are not even offering 4G services adequately so why rush to another generation of wireless networking.

Maybe the story is different in a civilized country like England, but in Canada our telecom's are still trying to find fresh new ways of raping customers of their income and offering crippled mediocre technology that even 3rd world countries have better access to.

Comment Re:The machine is cheap, but the material isn't (Score 2) 59

The problem is it isn't just going to be as easy to melt it down and reuse it. Material going into it has to be "processed" a certain way, its not like your printer is going to have a vat of "stuff" that you can just put old stuff back into.

Also, as with any plastic "stuff", recycled "stuff" isn't as good as the original "stuff", so chances are anything you print will not be readily turned back into raw materials, but will have to propagate down into lesser and lesser quality materials until it ultimately ends up in the landfill, you know, like what happens to ALL currently recycled plastics.

So, yes, the cost will be prohibitive and probably just easier to go to a store and by something.

Comment Get over it Musk (Score 1) 700

First, Musk has to understand that most people these days are functional retards. People are never going to drive the "correct" way, so you got to make a car that is going to work ideally when driven by a functional retard. You can't win an argument against a functional retard so why try.

Second, I am incensed by the idea of paying up to $100k for basically a commuter vehicle. Lets face it, unless you live along that one highway system in California, the "fast" charge stations are not going to be available anywhere else on the planet, which means that you can only drive about 200 miles in any direction before you have to return home, or find a place to sleep for the night with a power plug.

It's the reason why electric cars suck, they are overpriced pretentious commuter vehicles driving by functional retards.

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