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Comment Re:I tried to access the floppy drive (Score 2, Funny) 739

You jest, but... have I got a story for you...

July, 2005, day 3 of the gentoo install. A friend asked me to put it on his iBook, and I have severely underestimated the time it takes for this machine to compile code. I have not slept since the ordeal started. But, at last, I am sitting at a functioning xterm, and am watching as the last few bits of gnome compile. I victoriously initialize one last emerge, after seeing that everything finally appears to be in working order, deciding that it can compile a few bits of additional software while I sleep.

I enter my room just after 1:00 PM and pull back the blankets on my bed, intending to fall asleep before I even hit the pillow. From above, I hear my older brother shout "OH MY GOD, THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!". The general area around the power meter, also where the power to the house comes in, had ignited, for what I immediately expect to be an electrical fire.

I don't know what else to say, so I'll just say it: I escaped the blaze, on roughly my 51st hour awake, with a cat in one arm and a fresh gentoo install, still compiling, in the other.

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