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Comment Re:50k is not the selling price (Score 1) 109

There's a possibility of making more money at a pawn shop. Most big auction houses take fees of at least 30%, which of course is only worthwhile if you can get more out of the auction than the item is really worth. At a pawn shop you can often talk them into giving you 75%+ of the item's worth.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 2) 880

He doesn't really need any more publicity, if you're any sort of PC gamer you'd be among the minority not knowing who he is. He's only the founder of one of the more prolific PC game devs of all time, in addition to him having created the platform that revolutionized digital distribution and made it a viable market to enter into.

Comment Re:"useful for protest in repressive regimes" (Score 1) 93

I wonder what a good way to organize one of those street revolutions would be in this modern age. It would preferably be online, and of course it would have to allow anonymity. Maybe a service which allows people to subscribe to and receive updates from others. Perhaps it could even be updated via SMS! Somebody ought to create a service like that.

Comment Re:Typical, politically-biased title (Score 1) 70

Uh... do you really believe that the rate of reforestation is significant compared to deforestation? On top of that, what's political about saying "the forest is being cut down" when that's an objective truth and something we all should be concerned about?

Let me guess, you're one of those people who has a coronary every time the words "climate change" are used.

Comment Re:Just art and medical content (Score 1) 544

That's definitely not the case. Among stuff like shock images being uploaded by vandals, the WikiMedia commons has a growing problem of people taking pictures of their genitals for use on pages having anything to do with sexuality (or not!). I'd argue that an encyclopedia doesn't need any graphic videos of people ejaculating but that doesn't stop exhibitionists from adding them all the time.

Comment I'd like to find out how to break it too (Score 2) 101

Google's captchas are the worst I've ever seen. They're almost always unreadable and need to be refreshed all the time. I like Recaptcha (which isn't what Google uses on their sites despite owning it), they're generally pretty clear and in addition provide a free service to anyone that wants to use it. I have no clue why Google sticks with their awful in-house captchas for Gmail, Youtube, etc.

Comment Re:Not to mention pre-screeing would effectively k (Score 1) 345

Really? Google has voluntarily put plenty of preventative measures in place in an attempt to keep copyrighted content off the site. I don't think their business model consists of a venture that costs them more in legal fees than any IP-infringing video could bring in. The "You" in their name should tip you off to their real business model, user-generated content, which is why they reward popular channels with a share of the ad revenue.

Comment Re:Warranty? (Score 1) 530

Is that something that still happens? I've never owned one so I'm admittedly not an expert on the subject but I was under the impression the various hardware refreshes had all but eradicated issues with the console dying early.

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