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Comment Re:When this thread has ended ... (Score 1) 1255

I'd like to see an analysis of the instances quoted.

Ab-so-lutely. And frankly, I'll be more inclined to dive into said analysis when I can go to RTFA for its info, and not find it taking the form of a complaint--a whiny complaint containing heavy injections of prejudice in its own right, a la srlinuxx: "I accepted that's just the way men are. They've always been that way and they always would."

Comment Re:/me gets out the tub o' salt (Score 2, Insightful) 133

That doesn't get around the bottleneck at all.

I get nearly 2X the speed of a single drive that is limited by SATA. Theoretically, that might not be the same thing but for all *PRACTICAL* purposes, it gets around the bottleneck just fine for me :-)

Yep, doubling your bus count usually doubles your transfer speed. *rolling eyes*

Comment Re:flicker probably not an issue (Score 1) 133

The US Air Force got pilots to identify a plane in a pic flashed up for a fraction of a second. The fraction where it dropped below 90% accuracy was 1/220th of a second. Also, if you reverse your test and flash white on a black wall, for most people the fraction of a second to see that the flash occurred is in the order of ten-thousandths of a second.

Comment got mine (Score 1) 147

Just as an anecdotal data point, I requested coupons the day after the last /. article about their running out. I got them in the mail last week. I'm guessing you were asking rhetorically, but just in case; folks who couldn't wait are boned.

Comment Re:YES, they are! (Score 1) 456

I guess no one is cross checking the orbits of all satellites?

Yes, of course, they certainly ARE watching all satellites!

So why, oh, why didn't somebody point a fleet of telescopes at the expected collision/spread area and get us some of the best news-as-it-happens, stuff that matters, scientifically-useful video footage ever!?!slash! In all seriousness though, getting video of these events seems a no-brainer good idea. A shame as this one sounds like it was spectacular. I suppose at this rate there's always next time. and the time after that. and...

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