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Comment Re:A better use? (Score 1) 102

Bear in mind that the key factor here is the photographs. Whatever you want to "enhance" must be present in those photos as well, so a robbery on CCTV can only be enhanced in this way if simultaneous photos that include the perpetrator are available... in which case why not simply use a high-resolution still security system in the first place (easy: it costs too much to store the massive amounts of data). You also cannot enhance, say, people moving through the scene or changing / unpredictable elements in the scene unless someone else was there simultaneously taking high-resolution photos. Clearly this tech is intended for static scenes, or static objects within those scenes. While this is great tech and certainly has its uses, it also relies on your ability to take well-exposed, clear photographs of the same scene. If your video technical skills aren't up to proper exposure settings, what makes them think your photographic skills are going to compensate for that? I can see this being a plug-in for video editing suites, although knowing what the better ones already cost I can't see it being cheap!

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