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Comment Presidential Geek-o-Meter (Score 1) 950

Geeks Speak: The Presidential Geek-o-Meter My suggestion is to create a simple page with âoeGeek Metersâ that measure the tech/cyber/inventive/ etc. abilities, proclaimations, ideas, from the two camps. We need to include the geeks who are high in the campaign, who have geek successes, good/bad/ugly. Essentially, a series of measurements (of course subjective, but I have an idea on that) based upon things like: - Years (or days) using email - User skills - Geek-Speak test - Can spell critical infrastructure and Linux in one breath - Tech future ideas/programs: REAL alternative energy not just drill deeper. :-)) Space Program. Back to fundamental research. I think it would be comparatively easy in a forum to come up with, say 100 geek criteria. We use board members (smart people like Slashdot people, for a vetting, weighting, tech journalists (who will help with major press). Then we create at the same time a (say (0-5) criteria measurement. We ask the campaigns to answer the questions. We have a voting system for the on-line folks, and then we have a dashboard with all of the collected data. We can add/subtract/ etc. additional topics along the way. At the bottom of the charts, take a total 100% weighting factor, and each candidate will get âoeGeek Vote Confidenceâ based upon the criteria the geek community itself decides. This is essentially a cooperative (hobby) web site, guerilla marketing, that is unique and allows true geek representation in the forum and space they/we all understand. this can also bring up serious political issues: - Believe the military should cyber-defend the U.S. private sector? - The private sector should defend itself. - Cyber-vigilantism should be allowed/denied - Make spammers pay with the death penalty (just kidding, but you get the point. - Intellectual property protection ideas/beliefs - Surveillance/cyber etc. rights, and beliefs THIS COULD BE FRICKING AWESOME if anyone wanted to get behind it with some time. I can make myself available for certain aspects of this. visit my web sites:,, See if this particular piece of Jello sticks. :-))))

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