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Comment Valery Aurora is a feminist provocateur... (Score 2, Informative) 1127

Here's her webpage:

with links to the white male privilege checklist:

And here is here in her scantily clad attire at DEFCON designed to bait desperate sexless men into acts to further her feminist bullshit:

She's an ideological provocateur whose only relevance comes from her nutty feminist nonsense . You can read more her BS at her blog:

Comment Just another... (Score -1, Troll) 1127

feminist cuckolding twat. Parades about in revealing attire around sexless geeks because she enjoys the power it gives her, and then she gets upset when they cross the line. Girls like this live to taunt men with their sexuality. They enjoy the power. They enjoy being outraged. They enjoy mouthing off their feminist bullshit.

Comment Here's a suggestion. (Score -1) 1127

Dress down a bit. Most of these guys don't get much action, and to have an attractive girl in potentially suggestive attire parading about is equivalent to sexual taunting.

Today's modern woman walk around with 90% of their tits hanging out and then have the nerve to get upset when men look. Let's be frank. Women enjoy it when men look otherwise they wouldn't dress the way they do. They enjoy the power that comes from knowing they are desired. They basically enjoy showing men what they can't have. If they don't like the harassment there is a simple solution: dress like a nun when you attend DEFCON. There, problem solved. Now you don't have to re-engineer male human nature.

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