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Comment Re:IQeye (Score 1) 700

OK, you move. Do you think that the house and the problem will disappear? What about the poor folks who move in behind you, just their problem huh? Do we not have a responsibility to those around to stand up to the hoodlums, if we do not who will. Will the rich of us retreat to the crystalline towers and to hell with the rest of humanity. Do you truly think you will be safe there?

I own my home, its not in the best neighborhood but it has good and vigilante people would stand up to those who would bring us all down. And yes I own guns and my permit allows me to take them, concealed, with me as long as I do so under the rules set down by the law and yes that does give me a little peace of mind.

Cowering is always the easy road, the world did it to Hitler when they conceded Poland. If the US would have conceded England how many american lives would have been saved? After all could we have not just "moved" our interests, protected by the great oceans. How big a threat was a non nuclear germany?

The US is a gun culture, the minute men had no movies, Nor did the buffalo soldiers, nor did my ancestors who fought them both to keep native lands and heritage alive. I learned to shoot a shot gun when I was about three, as did my father and his before. I have taught a dozen women who travel or work late how to shoot safely and they walk a little straighter and safer because of it.

I encourage you sir or lady to think deeply on this, the castle is not always as safe you might think, and people are measured in the end for what they stood for not what they run from.

Take this as you will from a proud american would loves his country and the great things it does (diversity, the people, free religion, WWII, freedom, Star Wars) though not always the government (underfunding of education, Iraq, foreign policy).

Lets blame American Idol on the government as well

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