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Comment Other Manufacturers No Different (Score 1) 484

Computer manufacturers have been doing this for years. I bought a HP Pavilion 8750C back in 2000. The thing would run fine for a couple weeks, and then freeze 10 times in a single afternoon. It drove me nuts... I tried replacing half the hardware, upgrading drivers, bois, etc - no help. I tried doing a clean install of Windows numerous times - 98, 2000, XP, even ME - same problem. Tried disabling the on-board video crap and installing a separate Video Card. Still nothing.

In 2003 I couldn't take it anymore, and built a replacement machine. About that time I ran across a thread on a forum like this one. Turns out many of the 8750C's had a motherboard that was compatible with Intel Celeron processors. My HP had shipped with a regular P3. So I picked up a cheap Celeron processor, dropped it in, gave the machine to my brother and it never had another problem.

HP must have shipped thousands of PC's with processors that were incompatible with the motherboards. I haven't bought anything from HP since, and doubt I ever will. I still can't believe there wasn't a class action lawsuit for that sort of thing.

Comment Heat Island Effect (Score 1) 712

Imagine that - lighter colored surfaces remain cooler, while black roofs and asphalt heat up and locally increase the surrounding temperatures, especially in urban areas. Could this be why the rating system for LEED (pretty much the standard in the US for certifying "green" buildings) for years has offered points for minimizing the "Heat Island Effect", for both roof and non-roof surfaces?

Just because it's not common practice yet in the US doesn't mean it takes a Nobel Prize winning Physicist to come up with ideas like this...

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