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Comment Wikileaks Mirrors (Score 1) 966

Currently it appears that the main wikileaks site is unavailable. Thankfully wikileaks is actively mirrored, a list of which can be found on,,_2004-2010/ ought to take you straight to the original page. On a side note, the guardians' data blog have a nice writeup and sample of the data:

Comment Re:Programers Vanity (Score 1) 545

As stated before Adobe opens when pdf's are clicked on when it's the default application. If you have a different pdf reader set as default and you wish to open a pdf with Adobe reader (say when you need to load embedded fonts properly...) a more natural place to enable this feature is in the right-click menu options for pdf's, open with > adobe. The alternative is to dig through the start menu, then the document picker or drag/drop/click in whatever previous window you launched the pdf from. The number of cases where the start menu option is truly effective is really small, the only one I can think of is to open it so you can turn off automatic updates, which itself is better achieved by deleting the updater folder in the installation directory.

Comment Re:Still... (Score 1) 835

Given that your on linux your swap file resides on it's own disk partition a full hdd won't cause slowdowns to running out of swap space. Seek times can increase quite a bit with disk use depending on the data stored on the drive and how it's accessed. This configuration is easily "emulated" on windows and doing so will prevent the dreaded problem of a fragmented swap file. You can find the setting somewhere near the my computer > properties > performance tab if i recall. First set up a partition the size of your swap file and then untick the 'let Windows decide' box in the swap file settings dialog. Instead, create one of fixed size on the partition and reboot to apply the setting.

Comment Re:Collector's Item (Score 2, Funny) 154

Alternatively you could unbox the thing, giggle as you imagine all the collector peens howl out in agony of the opened box, take a bunch of pics of the whole process and put them online so the same peens can ogle the illicitly treated item AND pay you more in ads than you'd ever get for the thing.... Let's face it, unboxing collectables is no different to rape porn

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