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Comment Re:Better Android (Score 2) 111

Well, if you were on chans like #cyanogenmod or #revolutionary on freenode, you'd see a lot of n00bs comments like "I've screwed my phone trying to root it".

I'd rather say stupid people don't manage to install CM on their phones.

I suppose it's stupid to say that here on /. but you have to be very careful when rooting your phone ... Make frequent backups in case it goes wrong ... and above all think twice before doing *anything*

Comment Intel support on MY Linux Box (Score 2) 80

I had bought a motherboard with an onboard integrated Intel graphic chipset, and I've always had problems with it for everything concerning 3D (even a small transparent 2D window using the 3D chipset sometimes crashed).
Finally I've bought an ATI (the cheapest model as I don't want to play games) and I'm happy with it and free drivers.

Submission + - Samsung to sue Apple over 4G LTE in iPhone 5 (

lord_rob the only on writes: "Another step in the Apple vs Samsung's patent war. But this time it's Samsung that attacks Apple. It seems that Samsung owns a patent on the 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) technology. They suppose the iPhone 5 will use that technology (could iPhone 5 stay in old 3G like its predecessor ?). If Samsung are right, the iPhone 5 could not go further than Apple's factories, unless an agreement is found between Apple and Samsung."

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