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Comment Re:Bad Decision GoDaddy (Score 2) 353

If the SOPA bill passes it'll directly affect the websites that chose to continue hosting their websites in the US. Multiple site hosting, which is surely the norm for larger sites now anyway, would be the way to go. Small sites won't really have much choice but to move away from the US. Who is going to risk having a site closed to the entire world because your competitor ratted out a rogue link on your forum?

Comment Re:Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Technology Magazi (Score 1) 647

Correlation is not causation. People who get graduate degrees may simply have brains which are less susceptible to dementia, or were subjected to some environmental condition, eg relative wealth, which makes it less common in their socio-economic group. You'd know that if you worked in a proper scientific field. I kid.

This whole topic is akin to asking. "Hi! I'm going to be working with cats, old newspapers and a bunch of kites at the weekend. How much string will I need?"

There are some interesting books being discussed but a lot of people seem to be taking the opportunity to trot out how intellectual they are. I actually own a lot of those high-brow books. I own them, I just haven't read them. Not when I have this stack of Star Wars novels to get through.

Comment Re:Pension equivalent to a new hire (Score 3, Insightful) 238

If you leave after 20 years but before you're 60, you get nothing.

Why do people put up with that?

I get that the US is dog eat dog, but why do the dogs put up with it? It comes across as a little third world, every time I see that my insurance covers Panama, Haiti, but not the US.

Cuba is an effort-free vacation spot. The US? I have no idea. I can't risk finding out.

Comment Re:Lousy t-shirt (Score 5, Insightful) 255

No, it sure isn't. Maybe she just saved that hypothetical inventor's life, on the other hand. I feel those erudite, yet lacking innovation, they deserve to be leveraged against. That is, considering how often true innovators are stifled and devalued. Stuff like this, if a successful innovation can solve a trillion dollar problem with a few dollars--said innovator should feel free to offer it to all sides. Maybe you don't ask for a trillion dollars, although, you could ask for a lot more than $100K.

Your comment feels like a puzzle I must unravel.

The 100k is a prize. There is probably an awful lot more development to do before this becomes an actual treatment, and there is nothing to say the talented winner won't earn ten times, or a hundred times the prize money by the time that treatment is fully developed. I'd say her career is almost assured at this stage, and that alone is probably worth millions.

Comment Re:Hmmm (Score 1) 466

It persists in large part because Steam allows it to. Considering how dominant it is as a store, I have a hard time believing that they're being strong armed on the issue.

Put simply, you're wrong. While they have an all-encompassing approach to considering a product for publishing, the old-world publishers and developers do not. Far fewer developers get published on Steam than the developers would like, and far fewer major games get published on Steam than Steam would like. It might change, we might have the multiple services issue, or it might get incorporated into the OS. Please don't be the last thing.

Comment Re:main problem is backhaul (Score 0) 100

If the "competition" (ie ticks on the back of an elephant) isn't happy with the situation they should band together and spend the billions building their own fibre network. It's that or the fibre gets nationalized (thereby dooming it to inadequate growth, sloppy supervision and spiralling costs) and every ISP gets equal access, but that will kill innovation dead.

Comment Re:main problem is backhaul (Score 2, Informative) 100

BT inherited the copper monopoly at the time, and legislation opened up their exchanges to competition. But you hit the nail on the head. BT innovate, run the infrastructure and handle all the external servicing. Even if you get your fibre product from someone other than BT, it's a BT engineer that comes out to fix it if something goes wrong.

BT do NOT have a fibre monopoly. Talking about them as if they did is reactionary. Virgin Media, while not available to 100% of the UK and saddled with crazy debt they're slowly paying off, are generally the ones to be beaten by BT, and not the other way around.

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