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Comment Re:Perl has died in industry. (Score 1) 235

I'm glad your python experience is working out for you. My experience with major rewrites is that they tend to put a company out of business. So best of luck. However I don't believe the fact that Perl wasn't working for you any longer is proof that "People just aren't using it for anything more than 10-line throwaway scripts." Additionally, the existence or lack of existence of a Perl version 6 has not stopped the majority of working Perl programmers from continuing to improve and modernize the language they are using everyday. Perl, built around modern technologies such as DBIx::Class, Moose and Catalyst (see http://www.enlightenedperl.org/project.html for a good starting list of newer Perl projects intended to modernize the language) is powering many high traffic web sites. For a good list check out:http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/sitesrunningcatalyst

Highlights would include BBC iplayer (getting millions of regular hits).

So people are building new, high traffic websites with modern Perl, and continuing to add on and expand their existing Perl based websites. So if you already have a big Perl codebase, this is a great time to get involved in the community and see what we can do together.


Submission + - Perl Catalyst Reaches Version 5.8 Milestone!

jjn1056 writes: "Catalyst 5.8 released!

An Elegant and Powerful MVC Framework for Perl

Catalyst is the fast-growing and premier web development framework for Perl. For the past twelve months we've been working hard to bring out the 5.8 release. Developers and managers alike will love the new features, continued stability, and highly adaptable framework.

Catalyst has the flexibility to connect any technology. From templating language to database layer to JavaScript framework, it makes integration easy. In this release we've also integrated the Moose Object system, the most advanced and useable object-oriented framework available today.

Companies are turning to Catalyst as the web application technology which scales for the full application lifecycle. From small sites to major players like BBC iPlayer, Catalyst is the way to go. Catalyst is proven and in production, serving millions of page views per day and thousands of requests per second.

Catalyst 5.8 is fully tested and backward compatible to version 4.3. Our focus on stability ensures your application can take advantage of future improvements.

Join our vibrant and active community.

It's fast and easy to get started.

For more information and suggested reading regarding this release, see http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/releaseannouncements.

For getting started with Catalyst see http://catalystframework.org/.

For the official version of this press release see http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/releaseannouncements/58pressrelease"

Comment Re:Backup, Replication and Archiving (Score 2, Insightful) 274

When all your salesforce wants Their blackberry email and calenders seamlessly synchronized with multiple desktops or notebooks, and when you need to be able to wipe a blackberry remotely when it's lost or stolen, then exchange starts to buy something for you.

Particularly the mobile support and the ability to create meeting notices with people not even on your network is very valuable

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