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Comment Re:Hackers wet dream! (Score 1) 106

Perhaps hackers won't be able to direct purchasers to themselves, but this is an absolute massive opening (that's what she said) to allow hackers to ruin someone's life. Imagine a messy divorce, and one of the parties is a vengeful douche. Cue the other party in the divorce suddenly being shipped everything under the sun... most likely things that will get them in trouble, fired, or otherwise ostracized from the community.

Not likely. AmEx is ridiculously reputation sensitive, and wouldn't take on any product that could cause embarrassment. Ever noticed how CCBill doesn't accept AmEx?

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 451

Actually, the GPL does not bind the copyright owner - even the FSF makes this clear. It can only bind people who require a license from the copyright owner in order to do something with a work. Oracle is well within their rights to dual license, just as you are with anything you independently create.

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