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Comment Re:Yay! (Score 1) 640

I guess I must be a little older than you sonny, because that ain't how this old boy remembers it. It was dial up to your ISP, hope the connection lasted more than 20 seconds(and most of us had "keep alive" .bat files to keep the damned ISP from disconnecting us while we actually read something instead of wiggling our mouse like mad) then launch Navigator. Then came MSIE which wasn't as good, but Netscape decided to shoot themselves with a rewite that took too long and turned into a POS when it did come out, which was then too late.

So while there are many that think MSIE killed Netscape, it was frankly that totally shit version they came out with (4 I think? Its been too long ago) that did them in worse than anything old Billy could have done. he was just there to capitalize on their screwup, which seems to be a skill that he has honed to a razor's edge. Too bad he didn't teach that bumbling Ballmer monkey who just seems to sweat and stumble from one mistake to the next. If anything kills MSFT, it will be the Ballmer monkey putting out product after product that screams "We can be as hip and cool as Apple! No really! Quit laughing at me!". It just looks like Mozilla is pulling a Bill and capitalizing on their stupidity.

Comment Re:An old dude in a turtleneck... (Score 2, Interesting) 108

Hey now, lets be fair. It was a Win98 demo after all. Anybody who has worked with Win9x for any length of time knows that you could plug in the same device 100 times and on the 101st it would scream, shit itself and die. So they could do testing all they wanted and it could still do that. And hey, it could have been worse, he could have been demoing WinME which would shit itself and die without any user interaction whatsoever. Gotta look on the bright side, you know?

I did looove the look of terror on the assistants eyes for just a second when it blue screened in front of Bill. You could tell he was thinking "Oh shit, I am SO fired it ain't even funny."

Comment Re:whois (Score 4, Insightful) 904

Do they allow bikinis? Because frankly you see more with today's bikinis than you see when a woman is breast feeding. I never understood the whole big whoop over this anyway. There must be some seriously perverted folks out there if they are getting a woody from a woman breast feeding. Maybe we are different but here in AR during the summer I have seen women nursing their babies in the park pretty constantly. Nobody pays anymore mind to it than to a woman changing a dirty diaper. Hell before they turn two than is pretty much all they do, eat and poop with some spitting up thrown in for good measure. Of the women I knew who breast fed trying to get a picture of them WITHOUT the baby latched on like a heat seeking missile in those first two years was pretty impossible.

And finally lets be honest: we are talking about the Internet here. Anyone can type in "titties" into any search engine and see a whole lot better breasts without having a baby in the picture. Just put in a simple "friends only" button so those that aren't on their friends lists can't see anything. Problem solved. This "protect teh childrenz!" crap is frankly just that: crap. Any red blooded teen boy is going to find a way around any damned filter you set up anyway and they are going to be looking for something better than a boob with a big fat baby head in the way. Parents should just do their damned job instead of expecting the world to do it for them.

Just to see if it was any good when the whole "cyber nanny" filtering software craze hit I installed some filtering software and blocked all my oldest boys favorite sites. I then told him "I want you to see if you can get around it." it took him all of 4 minutes with Google to completely blow through that filtering crap. That is why when my nephews are over the PC they use can be seen by me from my bench simply by glancing to my left. And the PC at their house that is hooked to the net is in the breakfast nook where anyone can look over or walk by. Hell of a lot better IMHO than expecting the world to child proof itself for my boys benefit.

Comment Re:Apple is going to have a hell of a lot more (Score 1) 197

I did NOT say put Woz as CEO, reread my post. I was talking about simply bringing Woz in to put in front of the cameras at places like Macworld until they built up enough steam around a new guy which Woz would "groom"(translation-Woz would introduce and be all buddy like with to get the press and bloggers on their side) while this guy would be the ACTUAL CEO. I never said Woz should run the company.

But if bringing back Woz to shove in front of the cameras gave them the excuse to run a few of Woz's old ideas up the flagpole, like say, a few expansions slots on the Mac Mini? Or maybe a midline Mini Pro with more slots to fill the hole in the mid price between the ultra expensive Mac Pros and the cheap Mini? That IMHO would be a great idea and not only get rid of any clones but give them a chance to really expand their markets. Nobody expects them to compete with the cheap Windows laptops, but there is still good money to be had in desktops and a LOT of Windows users hate Vista. The Mini is too tiny and has no easy way to add a card later on and the Pro is too high for most to afford and is frankly overkill for a home user.

So some of the Woz's ideas like expandable desktops would be a good way to add buzz and show that the company still had new ideas if Jobs is really checking out. And the Woz is lovable and GREAT in front of the camera. But like I said I was NOT saying he should be CEO. Just that he should be brought on as a kind of "consultant" while they built up buzz around the new guy. And I think this would work without killing their stock price. And by bringing out a couple of new desktops designs that incorporate some of Woz's "ideas" they would show the press and those that believe "Steve=Apple" that the Woz was on the case and keep a panic from driving down stock price. I really think it would work. Hell it might even make the stock climb if done right.

Comment Apple is going to have a hell of a lot more (Score 3, Interesting) 197

To worry about if OSNews and Gizmodo are right. The company has built up the "cult of Jobs" over the years to almost mythic status, and if they are right and Steve Jobs is dying and isn't long for this world the stock price is going down the crapper.

While you,I,and the guys here at Slashdot know that one guys does not a company make, too many of the press and public have built up the "Steve=Apple" mythos and it will slaughter their stock price. They should have been diffusing this for years instead of milking it to add to the "Apple Cool" branding. The only way I can see them not getting blasted all to hell in the market if Steve is really dying is to bring back the Woz to keep the mythos lovers happy while they have him "groom" a successor to the throne. Otherwise 2009 could mean some seriously bad times for Apple ahead.

Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 1) 630

Actually I think we are already at that point now, which is why we see so many cases of "child raped and murdered" on the news. Because the rapist knows that if he gets caught he is not only going to get as long or longer than just murdering someone, but they are going to get monitored and followed for the rest of their days, so why not just kill them and lower the risk of getting caught by losing the witness? I know that if I was a bad guy and I was going to do any crime involving sex they would be dead meat. It would simply be stupid to leave them alive.

While we talk about most criminals being stupid they CAN count. And since the average time for child rape is what? 40 plus years? They would be crazy NOT to kill the kid. Kind of reminds me of North Hollywood shootout. They knew that the time they would get for using guns in an armed robbery on a bank in Cali was insane so while the hell not just shoot the cops? They were looking at crazy time anyway and every dead cop was one less standing between them and freedom.

But all these sex offenders laws are giving a clear signal to the criminal. Kill them. Do not under any circumstances let them live. Because if you do they can testify against you and you will get crazy time. If you kill them and it takes long enough to find the body the evidence will have degraded and increased your chances of getting away with it. And if you do get caught you can just say that you just killed them and in today's society you get less time for being a killer than a sex offender. So watch the news. I bet the odds of finding them alive just dropped to 0.0%

Comment Re:Projects on the horizon:* (Score 1) 198

I have a question. When you use GPL code in your project don't you have to share the source,or was that all FUD? The reason I was asking was that I was going to say that MobaLiveCD should have been on the list,because it is one of the coolest things I have come across in ages. A fully functional virtual environment that doesn't need ANY install,just double click to launch and pick your live CD and give it a try! But when I went to their website the code isn't there. It says right on the website that they based it on Qemu which is open source,yet all you find at their website is some kind of funky freeware license that gives them the right to go proprietary any time they want. So does that mean they are in violation of GPL? Sorry if this comes off as a newbie but IANAL and contracts are one area I know less than zip about. We can't all be experts in everything,right?

Comment Re:Constitutionality (Score 3, Interesting) 630

Two words for you: McMartin Preschool. You see red scares and witch hunts always start with the BEST of intentions. But then along the way too many start foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs and then pretty much anyone can get into the crosshairs. Don't forget that just the other day we saw the guy convicted of child pr0n for having a freaking dirty Simpsons cartoon! So are you going to line up everyone who has ever seen a manga or hentai? Because pretty much every cartoon coming from Japan kinda " looks lolita" to me.

You see, when you get to the point that you label a crude drawing of someone with mustard for skin and 4 fingers and a head made out of spikes instead of hair as the same as a picture of a sexually abused 10 year old you have already gone past "protecting kids" and moved into the realm of "find us someone to hate!" which sadly is the point we have moved into now.

The truly fucking sad part for me is I used to make fun of those "crazy" militia guys living in the hills armed for WWIII saying that we would march lockstep into a police state and that they would use propaganda to lull the populace into going along. That slowly but surely piece by piece the constitution would be nullified by illegal laws first aimed at the hated, then eventually turned upon us all. I thought they were totally batshit nuts. Of course that was before you could spend 20 years in the pen and be branded a monster for life if you saw a cartoon character doing the nasty. If this shit keeps up I am going to have to see how much land up there by those "crazy" militia folk are, because frankly they are beginning to scare me a whole hell of a lot less than the folks making the laws right now.

Comment Re:Can I be the first to say... (Score 4, Insightful) 630

Not only that, but they keep changing the damned rules so much we can pretty much all be called "sex offenders". It used to be there was no such things as "sex offender"-there was rapist, and there was child molester. And that worked pretty well but it just wasn't Big brother enough for the "Save teh childrenz!" types. Of course those damned save the childrens types always seem to forget that a good 80%+ of all child molestation is done by RELATIVES and NOT the evil boogie man hiding in the Internet tubes. So as others have pointed out if you are 17 and get a BJ from your 15 year old GF you are a "sex offender", you piss on a bush in some states you are now a "sex offender", and as we saw on Slashdot yesterday if you look at ANY hentai, or if your friend sends you a lame ass dirty Simpsons cartoon, well guess what? You are now a "sex offender" too!

This is nothing but a big brother style power grab, nothing more. it quite being about protecting kids when they replaced rapist and child molester with their nice blanket term of "sex offender" which it is quickly becoming apparent can mean ANY damned thing. Did you scratch your balls in public? Sex offender! This crap passed insane a few exits back IMO and we have gone into full blown Mccarthy style witch hunting. It frankly disgusts me as an American that we have fallen so far. If this keeps up there won't be any freedoms left at all, they will just run up the "sex offender" or "terrorist" flag every time they want to take something else from us.

And the worst part is as long as there aren't people publicly fighting against this BS the public will go right along with it and dance themselves right into a police state. And as this thread has proven, as long as you say it is for those eveil "sex offenders" there are way too many that will happily sign our freedoms away. Just fucking sad.

Comment Re:Prior Art? (Score 2, Informative) 261

Citation please? Because I just checked Google News and Slashdot and couldn't find any articles saying they were going out of business. I knew Tabula Rasa had to hurt but I thought the City Of franchises were doing well. So if you don't mind a link to the article saying that NCSoft will be broke in Feb please.

Comment Re:Uhh, yes it does... (Score 1) 933

Look, I could understand if the cops were looking at a photo realistic image that was SO real you couldn't tell, although frankly anytime I have seen this "cartoon porn" at best it looks like Poser 5 models, but let us look at the facts in this case. We are NOT talking about a photo realistic image, or even an image that could in any way,shape, or form be considering in ANY way photo realistic, but instead we are talking about the SIMPSONS! You know, mustard yellow skin, only 4 fingers, and head made of spikes instead of hair? They are about as UN photo realistic as could be made humanly possible.

So if we get to the point that you HONESTLY can't tell the difference, even with all these super tools at our disposal,then yes, err on the side of caution and treat it as the real thing. But by making something as unrealistic as the Simpsons child porn you have just given any judge in America to the right to lock you up for ANY image of ANY being on your computer, be it a vampire, demon, hell even a centaur. Because from this moment on it doesn't matter what it actually is, or that it is just paint splotches on a piece of paper, all that matters is what a judge decides to INTERPRET it as. So if he decides that drawing of a monkey "look lolita" to him you can enjoy being a registered sex offender and 10+ years in jail.

Because from this moment on reality no longer enters into whether or not you get to remain free. All that matters is what a judge thinks. And frankly that just scares the living hell out of me more than any thought of some pedo "bogie man" trying to go after my kids.

Comment Re:At what level of detail (Score 1) 933

Would you honestly give up your job to be on a jury? Because many states are "right to work" and most folks can't afford to throw away a good job just to do their duty. My mom was a housewife so she could do it, but being locked away for 4 1/2 weeks unable to work in a right to work state would most likely earn you a pink slip.

So I'm sorry if it makes me a "bad citizen" or whatever, but if it came down to having my job or doing my civic duty I'm going with the one that feeds my family. Sorry. That is why here in AR I wouldn't take a jury trial if they offered a million bucks and a supermodel just for accepting. Because here the juries are made up of the unemployed and from what I have seen and heard a much higher rate of the prejudiced and the "non thinkers" to boot. I just wouldn't have the balls to trust my freedom and my future to a jury here. And since you wouldn't trust YOUR life in the hands of a jury either according to your post you must realize like I do that deep down the jury concept in its current form is frankly broken. I just don't see how we can fix it and still have concepts like right to work states.

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