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Comment Re:Yes, and yes. (Score 1) 1100

That is because HP (Compaq), and Dell are big fans of the BCM43xx chipset which has long been a problem for Linux due to Broadcoms hostility to it.
But this has been solved in the kernel after the current one (.25) because the B43 driver now supports Rev 01 and Rev 02 chipsets without being buggy.
All you have to do is paste the firmware into the firmware folder, I presume for the next release Ubuntu will have a GUI clicky thing for this.
Unfortunately Hardy is the .24 kernel, but full support isn't far away :)

Written from a laptop with a BCM4312 Rev 02 on the .25 kernel

Not sure if Toshiba are a fan of Broadcom, but they probably are.

Submission + - 700mb of Media Defender e-mails leaked (

Lonin writes: "It appears Media Defender, the company behind the supposed honeypot trap video sharing website, and friend to the MPAA, is going to have a very bad week. Some 700mb of e-mails, some as recent as September '07, were leaked onto the net and are being uploaded to various torrent sites as we speak. The e-mails have only been skimmed so far, but it appears to show the inner workings of a company dedicated to lying and entrapping people in the name of copyright. This should be interesting."

Feed Keystroke Biometrics (

This sounds like a good idea. From a news article: The technology, which measures the time for which keys are held down, as well as the length between strokes, takes advantage of the fact that most computer users evolve a...

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