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Comment Not a troll... (Score 1) 1348

The article is actually pretty spot-on, IMO. Linux will never be a mainstream desktop OS like OS/X or Windows. For the small percentage of computer users who frequent THIS site, it may seem heretical to state the obvious, but that doesn't make it less true. The article doesn't say that Linux itself is dead or that it is not a viable platform, just that it isn't ever going to be mass-market successful as a desktop platform ala OS/X or Windows.

Why does this piss people off? And just because it works great for *you* doesn't negate the arguments that the author is making.

Comment Misleading headline... (Score 1) 837

As others have pointed out, it was not the WaPo saying this, it was right wing hack Marc Theissen. Thiessen is yet another chicken hawk from the Bush/Cheney administration who writes a weekly column that is so utterly predictable and boring in its position (far far to the right) and lack of original thought (Obama is BAD! Democrats are making America weak! Iran is going to attack any day now!! blah blah blah). He basically regurgitates right-wing talking points he gets from the AEI or other conservative "think tanks" (talk about an oxymoron). Him and Bill Kristol and Charles Krauthammer are basically the same person, each one hates the left wingers with equal passion and yearns longingly for the glory days of secrecy and FUD everyone so enjoyed under the Dick Cheney administration.

Comment Re:Low Light (Score 1) 596

I actually have decent gear (Nikon D300 + a couple of decent Nikkor lenses, not crappy kit lenses), I didn't just pop into Ritz and pick up the latest cheapo camera kit last week. I've been shooting for 20+ years, so I get know very well that the lens is the most critical piece (besides the photographers own vision and skills). The point I was trying to make was that the camera manufacturers should focus on improving the sensor technology instead of the idiotic "megapixel" race.

Comment Re:Low Light (Score 1) 596

Thanks, that was really helpful. I know how to properly expose an image, I've been shooting for 25+ years on film, slides, and digital. My comment was about the state of the technology and the sensitivity of current sensors. I'm was not looking for a beginners lesson in photography. And a Canon 40D at ISO1600, even if properly exposed, is far too grainy for my taste.

Comment Low Light (Score 4, Interesting) 596

For me the biggest problem in pt-and-shoots, and in DSLRs to a lesser extent, is not lack of megapixels, but the lack of performance in low-light. The latest D-SLRs from Canon and Nikon, the higher-end ones (not the entry level SLRs) are getting much better, but for the most part, low-light performance of the current CCDs sucks.

Comment Re:777 slimmer and faster than 747 (Score 2, Informative) 366

Good question.. JetBlue is nice, their seats are reasonably comfortable and they have live TV in all seats. I hear good things about Virgin America, but I have not flown them yet.

AA, UA, NWA, USAir, Delta, Southwest - they all suck as far as economy class treatment goes. Shitty seats, dirty cabins, nickel-and-diming you for a bag of chips or box of shitty food. All of the major carriers are pretty bad. The smaller carriers do a slightly better job.

Comment Re:777 slimmer and faster than 747 (Score 3, Informative) 366

747-400 still has slightly longer range than 777. The longest flights are still on 747s - Newark NJ -> Singapore (nonstop). Chicago - Hong Kong (nonstop), etc etc. I prefer the 777 because they have more modern amenities in coach like seatback entertainment systems instead of a single giant screen for the whole cabin like its 1981 or something. *SOME* airlines (NOT UNITED) have actually upgraded their economy class on the widebodies in the past 20 years.

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