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Comment Wow. I can't even believe you're serious (Score 1) 1345

I know this is slashdot so anything that is anti-authority is going to garner interest, but come on. Leaving kids to learn to read, write and do math in a vacuum? I like to be open minded, but let's apply a little bit of common sense here and realize that this idea is dumb beyond words. I can't believe a serious discussion about this is even occuring.

Comment It needs to be said. (Score 1) 607

I'm seeing a lot of different opinions about why Xbox 360 users are experiencing such a high rate of failure and yet still want to stick with the platform. Most of these opinions are from people who don't seem to have any first hand experience though so I'll share my thoughts on the matter since I'm on my 3rd 360.

There are 2 primary reasons why people still would buy another one and they are

1: People don't have much trouble getting them fixed. No manufacturer of any product that I'm aware of has ever responded to hardware failure this way. You call a number and tell them your 360 got the RRoD and they will pay shipping both ways and repair or replace your console, no questions asked. They shipped me an empty box and I put my 360 in it and shipped it back. I was on hold for about 2 minutes, the total phone call didn't take more than 5 and from the time the 360 broke until I had a replacement unit in my hands was a total of 10 days.

But even with that great experience it still sucks that we had to do it at all to be honest, and it wouldn't be good enough except...

2: It's a great gaming platform. I have owned and played nearly every major gaming platform and many of those I played into the ground and I have never logged this many hours on any other console, not even close. The game library is tremendous and blows the competition out of the water, the Xbox Live experience is top notch, the Xbox Live Arcade downloads are awesome and frequent and the media capabilities of the platform are just short of a htpc. This is why when my replacement Xbox went out 2 years later I decided to just buy another 360 (I wanted the new Jasper board) and try to fix the first one myself so I would have two. (which worked btw)

So when looking at the 360 platform, yes the hardware issues suck and despite what everyone in these threads seem to think Xbox owners know this, it's just that everything else about the platform is so damned excellent it doesn't matter.

Comment Re:why would you ... (Score 1) 435

The cell towers need power. They usually have a battery system that can keep them going for a few hours, but most cell towers do not have backup generators. During serious power outages that affect a very large area it's not unusual for cell phones to not work.

Comment Good! (Score 2, Insightful) 290

The death of SORBS should be good news to any decent ISP mail admin out there. Nothing like being forced to pay to get your mail server IP removed from a blacklist because you somehow can't keep the thousands of residential customers on your service from occasionally getting a virus and sending a few spams.
SORBS sucks and has for years. Don't get me wrong, I hate spam as much as the next guy, but sometimes a few get through, that's just how it is.
Luckily we haven't had much trouble with them lately since it seems that the vast majority of mail admins came to their senses and stopped using SORBS... frankly I'm surprised they need that many servers.

Comment Re:does an iphone.... (Score 4, Interesting) 582

The Wii attach rate is abysmal and for real gamers games it's even worse. Yeah, 20 million people bought a Wii, but about 15 million of them just played Wii sports then forgot about it.
The Wii market might be much larger in sheer numbers, but the expected sales for a game like PoP is probably smaller.

Comment Re:does an iphone.... (Score 4, Insightful) 582

Looks to me like he was just pointing out, rightly, that the Wii isn't powerful enough for what he wants to do. In other words, he didn't want to make a Wii game, he wanted to make something that was more on the cutting edge of technology.

People are making good games on the Wii, but the fact is it simply isn't a very powerful machine relative to the other platforms. You can call that whining if you want but it doesn't make it any less true.

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