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Comment Re:so what if they're minors? (Score 1) 423

Amusing that you try to equate a resistance to the erosion of freedom as a loony position.

Respect is earned. None of the current elected officials in the US have done anything in particular to earn my respect. In fact, I think that the whole system is problematic because I feel that anyone who seeks out a position of that much power is by definition unsuited to possess power. The only people who I feel that would not misuse it are those uncomfortable having it.

Sadly, this is an unworkable system and a utopian dream.

You may try to dismiss anything I may say as the ramblings of a militant religious nutjob (which is thoroughly laughable because none of what you tried to characterize me as in your ad hominem fits), but I will defend your right to make such moronic dismissals just the same.

Comment Re:so what if they're minors? (Score 1) 423

There's some pretty severe cognitive dissonance in your post. Limiting our ability to criticize our elected officials does exactly what your claims that criticizing our elected officials does. That is makes us "[look] like one of those Middle Eastern countries with shelled out buildings and rubble filled streets."

When you start promoting the stripping of freedoms as something that makes a state a better place, it is time to take a step back and evaluate exactly what it is you believe.

Comment Re:Look over there! (Score 1) 173

That's not the argument.

The argument is that if it is ok for you to steal $2,000, why is it not ok for me to steal $1,000.

There is a big difference there.

You suggested that both our stealing is wrong. The defense would be "You seem ok with the other guy stealing $2,000. That suggests to us that this is a politically motivated action and not based on the merits of your case because if it were, we would expect suit against the more egregious offense where there is none".

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