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Comment Hope they add some of the missing stuff (Score 1) 224

I see a lot of things missing there, like the "Complete Handbooks", and all the boxed sets. I know it's a challenge to scan in a boxed set with off of its maps and other stuff, but that would be something I'd like to see. I'm jonsing for some Spelljammers. It's such a shame 4e has to suck. I'd still be playing D&D if I didn't have to convert all this cool stuff to those inane 4e rules. Pathfinder is the way to go these days, IMO.

Comment The Most Important Skill (Score 1) 332

The author mentioned a few transferable skills but she left out the most important one: People Skills. With a BS or MS, if you are an asshole, you will have a hard time finding a job but you might eventually get one. On the other hand if you are a PhD who no transferable skills like she mentioned AND you are an asshole, you will really have trouble.

My PhD is in Biomedical Engineering and I went through similar stuff with funding and skill building as the author, so I don't think it's only limited to the Biologists. I think all types of PhD students have their own unique brand of suffering, with suffering itself being the common denominator.

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